Curašau Parties

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Curašau Parties

2005-12 Leader of De Partido Antia Restrukturß (PAR) Emily de Jongh-Elhage
Commissioner of Public works and Public Housing of Curašao 1998-99, Commissioner of Education, Sport and Cultural Affairs 1999-2002, Minister of Education and Culture of the Netherlands Antillen and Commissioner of Public Enterprises and Public Housing 2004-05. Minister President of the Netherlands Antilles 2006-10. In 2010 her party was the largest in the assembly of the future land of Curašao but a number other parties formed a government.

2010- Leader of Movishon Antia Nobo (MAN) Eunice Eisden

2012 Joint Acting Leader of PAR
Zita Jesus-Leito
2012-13 Chairperson and Parliamentary Leader
2014- Party Leader
Commissioner of Administration and Constitutional Affairs
of the Island Government 2005-10. After the 2012-elections the party had 4 MP's until one of them defected and joined the new government. In 2013 she was candidate for the post of Party Leader and when she lost, she resigned as Party Chair.

2016- Leader of Un Korsou Hustu Omayra Leeflang

2016- Leader of Movementu Progressivo Marilyn Moses


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