Cote dIvoire Parties

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Female Leaders of Cote d'Ivoire Parties

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Circa 1990- Second in charge of Parti Ivoirien des Travailleurs Angèle Gnonsoa
From around 1990 Spokesperson and later Party Secretary and from 2003 2003- Minister of State and Minister of Environment 

Circa 1994 Vice-President Henriette Dagri Diabaté
1998- Secretary General and Deputy Leader of the Rassemblement des républicains, RDR.
1999 Acting Leader
In 1999 the leader went in exile and in December 1999 she and other opposition politicians were convicted to prison for their political activities. This caused the military to oust the autocratic President, and she was appointed the the interim cabinet in January 2000. She was  Minister of Culture 1990-93 and Minister of The Franchoponie and Culture from 2000. (b. 1935-).

1999-2010 President of the Parliamentary Group of Front Populaire Ivoirien, FPI Simone Ehivet épouse Gbagbo
Other party posts since the 1980s,
Vice-President of the National Assembly 1995-99, and married to the President of the republic, Laurent Gbagbo In 2013 Simone Gbagbo was tried on four charges of crimes against humanity, including murder, rape and torture allegedly committed in Ivory Coast between 16 December 2010 and 12 April 201 (b. 1949-)


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