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Female Leaders of Chile Parties

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1946-53 President of Partido Feminista Maria de la Cruz Toledo

1950 Director General of Partido Liberal Maria Conrea Morande

1952-53 President of Progresita Feminido Dr. Maria Henry

1988-90 President of Renovación Nacional Marina Prochelle Aguilar

1988-90 Vice President of Partido Por la Democracia Adriana Muños D'Albora

1990 Vice President of Partido Renovación Nacional Evelyn Matthei Fornet

1990-92 Vice President Partido Socialista de in Charge of International Relations Isabel Allende Bussi
1992- National Vice President
1993-94 Acting President (December-January)
President of the Cámara di Diputados 2003-04. Daughter of President Salvador Allende Gossens

1990-1992 President of Partido Humanista Laura Fiora  Rodríguez Riccomini
She was candidate in the primaries of the Democratic Party's selection of Presidential candidate. Later MP 1990-99. She lived (1957-92).

1992-94 Leder of Participación Democratico de Izquirda Fanny Pollarolo Villa

1993- Leader of the Communist Party Gladys Marin
In 1999 she was the country's first female Presidental candidate

1996- Vice President of Partido Liberal Olga Reyes

Before 1999 Leader Partido Nasional Carmen Saenz de Phillips

1996-97 Leader of the Senate Grpup of Partido Democratia Cristiano Carmen Rei Ruíz-Tagle de Ortega
1999- 1. Vice-President
Senator since 1989 and daughter of President Eduardo Frei Montalva (1911-64-70-82) and sister of President Eduardo Frei (1942-1994-2000-). (b. 1938-)

Until 2003 Vice-President of Renovacion Nacional Pia Guzmán
Member of the Parliament until 2003 when she resigned.

2006-09 President of Democracia Cristiana Soledad Alvear

Former minister and Presidential pre-candidate until she withdrew from the race. Senator from 2006. Declared herself as candidate for the PDC Primary in 2008 for the 2009-elections, but withdrew from the race in October 2008 after disappointing result in municipal election.


2006- 3. Vice-president of Democracia Cristiana Ximena Rincón González

Former Intendent.


2007-09 President of the Chilean Humanist Party (HP) Marilén Cabrera Olmos
Bolivian of Quechua origin and former secretary general.


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