Zambia Heads

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Heads of State of Zambia (Female Suffrage 1960) Northern Rhodesia came under British rule 1889, internal self-government after the dissolution of The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in 1963, Independent Republic in 1964

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2015- Vice-President Inonge Wina
Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs 2011-12  and Minister of Gender and Child Development 2012-14


Barotseland or Bulozi  (meaning Land of the Lozi)
The tile of Mulena Mukwai of Nololo translates into Chief Princess or The Princess Royal, an other version of her title is Litunga la Mboela: 'earth of the south', and she is the ruler of the southern part of Bulozi and simultaneously Regent Princess of Barotseland.

Around 1600 Queen Mwambwa
Head of the
Lozi Tribe, which migrated from Katanga in the Congo and were ruled by a long line of female rulers until their settlement on the Bulozi flood plain. She was theearliest of these rulers and was succeeded by her daughter, Mbuymamwambwa. According to legend they both married Nyambe, the "maker of the world, the forests, the river, the plains, all the animals, birds and fish". In reality, they, probably both bore children by several different consorts.

Around 1650 Queen Mbuyambwambwa of Barotse
Succeeded mother and abdicated in favour of son, Mwanasolundwi Muyunda Mumbo wa Mulonga aka Mboo, who became the first Litunga or king. He
appointed a female parallel chief, as his co-ruler, who was in charge of the southern parts of the territory.

Circa 1840-51 Governor MaMotshiame of the Central Province
1851-58 Makololo Morêna (Chief)
Also known as Ma motshiame, she succeeded father
daughter of Sibitwane, succeeded by brother, Sekeletu, after her abdication. She (d. 1888)

1864-71 Mulena Mukwai Kandundu of Nololo
Daughter of Prince Mbanga, Chief of Nalolo. Her sister, Monambeza was installed as Mulena Mukwai of Nololo, but was killed 1885.

1871-76 Mulena Mukwai Kaiko of Nololo
Married to Induna Njekwa (d. 1874), sometime Ngambela to Litunga Sipopa 1864-1872. She was daughter of King Lutangu Sipopa Mulumbwa, Litunga of the Lozi (1864-76).

1876-78 Mulena Mukwai Mwangala of Nololo
Only child of King
Mwanawina II (1876-78), who was deposed and starved to death.

1878-84 and 1884-1934 Mulena Mukwai Matauka of Nololo
Deposed, expelled at the same time as her brother,
Her brother, Lubosi I, who was king (1878-84) and 1885-1916). But she was reinstated already later the same years. Married 10 husbands and mother of a son and a daughter. She lived (1837-1934)

Mulena Mukwai Maibiba I of Nololo
Sister of Tatila Akufuna, who ruled (1884-85).

1935-59 Mulena Mukwai Mareta Mulima of Nololo
Daughter of
Yeta III, Litunga of the Lozi and Paramount Chief of Borotseland until his abdication 1945. She lived (1893-1964)

1959- Mulena Mukwai
Makwibi Mwanawina of Nololo
As Mulena Mukwai Mboanyikana of Libonda 1951-58, she was third-ranking in the hierarchy of the kingdom. She is daughter of Sir Mwanawina III, Litunga of the Lozi and Paramount Chief of Borotselan (1888-1948-68).
Most of the year she is based at Nololo, the traditional capital of the south and second most important royal centre of Barotseland, but in the flood season, she proceeds in her own Nalikwanda barge to Muoyo on the eastern margin of the flood plain. . (b. 1919-)

Mulena Mbowanjikana  of Libonda in  Kalabo is third in royal hierarchy to the Litunga after the Mulena Mukwae. Kalabo was the first home of the immigrant Aluyi from the Congo in the early 17th century under the leadership of their grand dame, Mwambwa Njemakati. Dotted about the district are sites of historic early settlements, including Mwambwa’s own village, Sifuti and Ikatulamwa, the capital of the first Litunga.

1878-84 Njikana
Sister of Prince Mboo, who established the chiefdom.

1885-1951 Mulena Mukwai Mbowanjikana Akatoka Namucoko of Libonda
The third-ranking in the hiearchy after the King and Princess-Regent, s
he was daughter of  Chief Yeta II, who  assumed the Headship of the Royal clan circa 1835, and married several times.

1951-59 Makwibi
Daughter of Mwanawina III (ruled 1948-68)

1959-95 Lundambuyu
Lewanika’s daughter

1996- Kandundu
Daughter of Yeta III (Litunga, 1916-45).


Other entities

Around 1972- Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II the Soli People in the Lusaka Rural district and the Chongwe district
2013- Paramount Chief
As Chief Elizabeth Mulenje, she was MP and Minister of State of Home Affairs 1979-86 and Chairperson of the House of Chiefs from 2013. Her tribe has matriliniar succession.

Around 1972 Senior Chieftainess Nsefu of the Kunda

1997-2000 Chieftainess Mphamba Esther Nyirenda of the Tumbuka People of the Lundazi District in the Eastern Province
The people rejected her installation by the government.

Before 2000- Chieftainess Kabulwebulwe of the Nkoya People in the Mumbwa District

2000- Chieftainess Nio Sikori of the AmaRharbe Kingdom

2002- Chieftainess Nawaitwika of the Namwanga Tribe in the Nakonde

Around 2005- Chieftainess Chiawa of the Goba in the Kafue District
The only female member of the House of Chiefs in 2005.

Around 2005- Chieftainess Mboanjikana of the Lozi Tribe in the Kalabo District

Around 2006 Chieftainess Shikabeta

Around 2006 Senior Chieftainess Serenje

Around Chieftainess Mungule


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