Yemen Ministers

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Republic of Yemen/Al-Jamhuria Al-Yeman Yemen was part of the Osman Empire 1872-1918 when it became an independent Monarchy, 1962 it became a republic and in 1967 the North and South were divided into two states which fought a civil war until the reunification in 1990

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1991-2000 Undersecretary of Information Amat Al-Aleem Alsoswa
2003-05 Minister of Human Rights
Ambassador to The Netherlands 2000-2003 and non-resident ambassador to Norway, Sweden and Denmark 2001-03. Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Assistant Administrator of UNDP and Director of its Regional Bureau for Arab States. from 2005. Other transcriptions of her name Ūs al-Alim al-Suswah.

1997-? Deputy Minister in the Presidentís Office N.N.

1997-Under-Secretary in the Presidentís Office in Charge of Economic Co-operation (Chairman) N.N.
President Sahih was President of North Yemen 1978-90 before becoming President of the united Yemen.

1997-? Under-Secretary in the Presidentís Office in charge of the National Peace Committee N.N.

1997 There were 5 other female Under-Secretaries in the Presidentís Office

2001-03 Minister of State of Human Rights Wahiba Fareíe al-Fakih
She is former Dean of the Yemen Institute for Languages and Rector of Queen Arwa University. (1954-)

2001-07 Secretary-General for The Higher Council for Motherhood and Childhood and Director of The Child Development Project Dr. Nafisa Al-Jaifi

2006- Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Amat Ali Razaq Ali Hamad Al-Huri
Another version of her surname is  Amatul-Razzaq Humad

2006-07 Minister of Human Rights Khadigah Ahmad al-Haisami 
Anthother version of her name is Khadija al-Haisami.

2007-11 Minister of Human Rights
Huda Ali Abdellatif al-Ban

2011-14 Minister of Human Rights Houriah Ahmed Mashhour

2011-14 Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Jawharah Hamoud Thabet

2014-15 Minister of Information and Communication Nadia al-Saqqaf
Also known as Nadia Al Sakkaf

2014-16 Minister of Culture Arwa Othman

2014 Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Kaboul Muhammad Abdulmalik Mutawakkil
Also known as Gabool Al-Mutawakel

2014 Minister of State Samira Obaid
2014-16 Minister of SOcial Affairs

2016- Minister of Human Rights Alia Faisal Abdullatif al-Shabai

2016- Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Faiqah al-Sayed Ba'alawy

2016- Minister of State Radhiyah Mohammad Abdullah

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