WEU Assembly

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
WEU Parliamentary Assembly
(Existed 1945-2011)

1959-61 Vice-President Dame Florence Horsbrugh (United Kingdom)

1970-72 Vice-President Marie-Elisabeth Klee (Germany)

1984-88 Vice-President Dame Jill Knight (United Kingdom)

Vice-President Nore Staels-Dompas (Belgium)

1990-92, 1993-94, 1995-99 and 1998-2002 Vice-President Marcelle Lentz-Cornette (Luxembourg)

1992-93 Vice-President Elisabeth Baaarveld-Schlaman (The Netherlands)

1995-96 Vice-President Vasso Papandreau (Greece)

1998-2002 and circa 2008- Vice-President Josette Durrieu (France)

1999-2002 Vice-President Vera Squarcialupi (Italy)

1999-98 Vice-President Lydie Err (Luxembourg)

2002-07 Vice-President Manuela Aguiar (Portugal)
Leader of the National Delegation

2005-07 Vice-President Elsa Papadimitriou (Greece)
Vice-President of the National Assembly from 2007.

2005-circa 2008 Vice-President Juana Serena Masia (Spain)



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