Vanuatu Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Republic of Vanuatu/République de Vanuatu/ Ripablik blong Vanuatu (till 1980 New Hebrides) (Female suffrage 1957) Former UK/French condomium which became independent in 1980.

1991-95 Minister of Rural Water Supply and Health Motarilavoa Hilda Lini
1993 Acting Minister of External Affairs and Tourism
1996 Minister of Justice, Culture and Women’s Affairs (Oktober-November)
From 1987 the first female MP. In 1996 she was replaced in the government by her brother ex-premier Father Walter Lini (1942-1982-90-99), she resigned from the National Party and founded her own party, the Tu Vanuatu kominiti, The Vanuatu Movement, Director of the Pacific Concerns Resource Center 2000-04, Representative of the Pacific Region
at the UN Nonproliferation Review Conference in 2004 and a chief (Motarilavoa) of the Turaga nation of Pentecost Island.

2004-06 Minister of the Comprehensive Reform Program, Women's and Children's Affairs Isabelle Donald Sikawonuta
2006-07 Minister of Justice and Social Welfare

MP from 2000 as the third woman ever, and perhaps Deputy Parliamentary Speaker 2002-04.
Chiefs in the Eastern part of Epi bestowed her with the high ranking customary title "Sikawonuta" (the greatest woman) in 2005.

2007-08 Minister of Education Leinavao Tasso Thompson
MP for the governing Vanua'aku Pati.

2009- Solicitor General Viran Molisa Trief

2011 Minister of Agriculture Eta Rory
2011 Minister of Youth and Sports
An independent MP and only woman in the parliament.



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