Uzbekistan Parties

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Republic of Uzbekistan/ Özbekiston Jumhuriyäti (Female suffrage 1922/38) Formed the most important part of the Turkestan-Khuhstan Empire, split up into three Khanates of Khiva, Kokand and Bukhara remained independent until 1921 other parts of the territory was incorporated in the Turkestan Soviet Republic 1918, 1922 the Uzbek Autonomous Soviet Republic was formed, independent 31.8.91

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2003- Secretary General of the Free Peasants' Party (Ozod Dehkon Partiyasi) Nigora Khidoyatova

Around 2004- Leader of the Birlik (Unity) Party Vasilya Inoyatova
She was secretary of Birlik's central council and the chairperson of the Uzbek Human Rights Society.

Around 2005- Deputy Leader of Sunshine Uzbekistan Nigara Khidoyatova
Her husband Orifjan Oydin was killed during a government attack in southern Kazakhstan.


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