Uzbekistan Ministers

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Republic of Uzbekistan/ Özbekiston Jumhuriyäti (Female suffrage 1922/38) Formed the most important part of the Turkestan-Khuhstan Empire, split up into three Khanates of Khiva, Kokand and Bukhara remained independent until 1921 other parts of the territory was incorporated in the Turkestan Soviet Republic 1918, 1922 the Uzbek Autonomous Soviet Republic was formed, independent 31.8.91

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1952-59 Deputy Premier, Minister of Construction Industry Yadar Sadykovna Nasriddinova
1959-70 President  
Between 1959-70 Vice-Chairperson of the Supreme Soviet and 1970-74 President of the Federation Council of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. She lived (1920-2006).

1955-56 1. Deputy Minister of Culture Zakha Rakhimbabaeva
1963-67 Minister of Culture
1981-89 Minister of Culture

1956-78? Minister of Social Affairs Vasiha Sadykovna Sadykova

1967-89 Minister of Public Service Anna Brodova
Between 1963-67 Deputy Chief of Government of Tashkent.

1970-(89) Minister of Justice Mamlikat S. Vasikova

1971-(89) Deputy Premier Minister Rano Kh. Abdullaeva
1971-75 Head of the Central Committee Department of Culture
Between 1961-62 First Secretary of Samarkand. (b. 1935-)

1971-74 Head of the Central Committee Department of Propaganda and Agitation Kh. Iu. Asletdinova

1974-89 Deputy Premier Minister Kudratilla A. Akhmedova
In 1963-64 In Charge of Agriculture of Tashkent, 1969-71 Vice-President of the Soviet of Tashkent, 1971-74 Ditto of Syr Paria and First Secretary of the District Communist Party.

1974-? Deputy Minister of Building Material Mme. Nasriddinova

1981-89 Minister of Social Affairs Mme. Saerumarovna Sultanova
Between 1971-81 First Secretary of the Communist Party of Frunze.

1989-93 Minister of Social Affairs Sanobar A. Khodzhayeva

1991-92 Minister of Foreign Affairs Shakhlo N. Makhmudova
The first post-independence foreign minister. She later worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1991-94 Vice-Chairperson of the State Committee for Women’s Affairs
1994-2004 Chairperson of the State Committee for Women’s Affairs
1995-2003 Deputy Premier Minister Dilbar Mukhammadkhonovna Gulomova (Gulyamova or Ghulomova)

1998-2000 Deputy Premier Minister of Analysis and Information Galina Karimovna Saidova
2000-05 and 2010 1. Deputy Minister of Economy
2005-06 Chairperson of the Anti Monopoly State Commission
2010-11 Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade
2011- Minister of Economy

Circa 1998-2001 Deputy Minister of Health Bakhulyar Nuyazmatova

2001- Deputy Minister of Economic Relations S.N. Burkhanova

Before 2000- Deputy Minister of Foreign Economic Relations Shakhlo Abdullaeva

2004-08 Deputy Premier Minister, Head of the Social Protection of Family, Maternity and Childhood Complex and Chairperson of the the Women’s Committee Svetlana Tursunovna Inamova

2004-05 Minister of Education and Culture  Ishengul Sadykovna Boldjurova

2004-05 Minister of Labor and Social Roza Korchubekovna Aknazarova

2004-05 Chairperson of the State Commission on Enterprise Development Kamilya Najitmudinovna Kenenbaeva

2008-11 Deputy Prime Minister and Chairperson of the Women's Committee Farida Akbarova
Former Deputy Governor of Tashkent Region and Vice-Chairperson of the national Women's  Committee 2007-08 until her appoitment as Deputy Prime Minister and Chairperson of the Committee.

2008 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gulnara Islomovna Karimova
Minister-Counsellor to Russia 2003-05, appointed Ambassador and  Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva in 2008 and Ambassador to Spain in 2010, leader of a number of NGO's and owner of a number of large companies. Daughter of President Islom Karimov and believed to be his designated heir. (b. 1972-)

2011- Deputy Prime Minister and Chairperson of the Women's Committee Elmira Irkinovna Basitkhanova


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