Urugay Ministers

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Oriental Republic of Uruguay/República Oriental Del Uruguay (Female suffrage 1932) Independent from Spain 1828

Also see Urugay Parliament

1968 Minister of Education and Social Welfare Alba Roballo
Senator 1958-84. Co-founder of the centre-left alliance Frente Ampilo in 1971. Also laywer and writer. She lived (1910-96)

1981-83 Minister of Culture and Education Raquel Lombardo de de Betolaza
Afterwards Ambassador to the Vadican. (b. 1929-)

1985-90 Minister of Culture and Education Adela Dias Sosa Reta
1985 Acting Minister of Justice
She lived (1921-2001).

1994-after 2000 Subsecretary of Planning and Budget Ana Maria Acosta y Lara

1995-99 Minister of Labour and Social Security Ana Lía Peñeyrúa
Candidate for the post of Governor of the Department of Montevideo in 2010. (b. 1954-)

Circa 1995-2000 Subsecretary of Health Laura Albertini-Fosset

1999-2000 Minister of Housing, Territorial Organization and Environment Beatriz Martinez
She was Minister
in a transitional government until the inauguration of the new President in March. His cabinet contained no female members and probably not even any female Subsecretaries.

2000 Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines Primavera Garbarino

2005-08 Minister of Defence Azucena Berrutti
Human rights advocate and attorney. In the 1980's she worked as Secretary General of the City Administration of Montevideo. (b. 1929-).

2005-10 Minister of Health María Julia Muñoz
2014-Minister of Education
(b. 1950-)

2005-10 Minister of Social Affairs Ana Marina Arismendi Dubinsky
2015- Minister of Social Affairs
Mariana Arismendi was member of the Collective Leadership of Partido Comunista 1992-98, since 1992
Member of the Leadership of the Representativa del Frente Amplio (The Left Alliance) and from 1998 Secretary General of the Partido Comunista. Elected Senator in 1994 and 2004-05 1. Vice-President of the Senate. (b. 1948-).

2005-08 Vice-Chancellor and Subsecretary of Foreign Affairs Belela Herrera Sanguinetti

2005-12 Vice-Minister of Tourism and Sport Liliam Kechichián
2012- Minister of Tourism and Sport
Nominated to continue in office after the new president takes office in 2015.

2005-10 Subsecretary of Social Affairs Ana Olivera
Governor of Montevideo from 2010.

2007-09 Minister of Interior Daisy Tourné Valdez
Socialist MP since 1995 and member of the leftwing alliance, in 2005 she was designated as the future President of the Chamber of Representatives for the legislative year of 2008-09, but instead she joined the government. 1. Vice-President of the Cámara de Representantes 2011. (b. 1951-).

2008-10 Minister of Educacion and Culture María Simón
2010-15 Vice-Minister of Education and Culture

2010-11 Minister of Social Development Ana Vignoli

2010-12 Minister of Housing, Territorial Administration and Environment Graciela Muslera

2015- Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines Carolina Cosse

2015- Minister of Housing Eneida de León

2015- Vice-Minsiter of Health Cristina Lustemberg

2017 - Lucía Topolansky Saavedra, Uruguay

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