Ukraine Ministers

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Ukraine/Ukraïne (Female suffrage 1919) Formerly part of the Russian Empire, it was independent 1917-20 and an Autonomous Republic in the Soviet Union 1920-91 before becoming independent again 01.12.91


Also see Ukarine Parliament and Ukarine Heads of State

1917-18 Presiding the People's Secretariat and People's Commissioner for Internal Affairs Evheniya Bohdanivna Bosch, (17.12-09.03)
Also known as Евгения Богдановна Бош, Yevgeniya Bogdanovna Bosh, or Yevheniya Bohdanivna Bosh. It was regulated by a number of documents that the Secretary of Internal Affairs had to execute ithe fuctions of Head of the Executive Power. She had been a socialist activist from 1890's, Head of the Kyiv Committee of the Russian Social Democratic Worker’s Party (RSDRP) 1911-12 until she was imprisoned and a deprived of civil rights and exiled to Siberia for life. After the revolution she became Secretary of Regional Committee of RSDRP(B). She resigned from the government in protest to the Brest-Litovsk Peace, according to which Soviet Russia occupied Ukraine. Afterwards she worked on different party and Soviet posts outside Ukraine. When the pain of her disease became unbearable, she committed  suicide. She was of  German-Jewish origin, and originally named Gotlibovna Maysh, and and lived (1879-1925).

1965-89 Minister of Culture Z. Rakhimbaeva

Circa 1975-84 Chairperson of the State-Committee of the Protection of Nature Dina I. Protsenko

1989 Deputy Premier Minister Mariya A. Orlik

1990-92 Minister of Culture Larysa Ivanivna Khorolets

1991 Government-Representative in the Council of Ministers of the USSR V.G. Fedorova

1993-94 Deputy Chairperson of the State-Committee for Atomic Security Yaryne Pastrytska

1994-96 Deputy Minister of Justice Syuzanna Ramanivna Stanik
1996-97 Minister of Family and Youth
1998-2001 Minister of Justice 
Another version of her name is Siuzanna Romanivna. 2002-03 Ambassador to the Council of Europe and from 2003 to Switzerland.

Circa 1998-2001 Deputy Minister of Justice Lada Anatoliivna Pavlikovska

1997-98 Chairperson of the State Committee for Budget Yuliya Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko
2000-01 Vice-Premier Minister in charge of the Fuel and Energy Complex
2005 Prime Minister
2006 Designate Prime Minister (22.06-08.07)
2007-10 Prime Minister (18.12.07-11.03.10)
Her name is also transcribed as among others Yulia Voldyrovna Timoshenkno,
Julia Timoschenko or Julia Timosjenko. She is former Co-Leader of the Hromda party, Director of  United Energy System 1998-2000, In January 2001 dismissed from the government, detained charged with corruption but later aquitted. Leader of Batkivsjtjina (Fatherland's Party) 2000/01-05 and of the Bloc Tymoshenko from 2005. In 2006 a coalition was formed with her as Premier but one of the parties broke away and supported a pro-russian man. In 2007 she became chief of government again. Narrowly defeated in the 2010-presidential elections and afterwards her coalition in parliament broke up and she was defeated by a motion of no confidence. The following year she was sentenced to seven years in prison after she was found guilty of abuse of office when brokering a gas deal with Russia. The conviction is seen as "justice being applied selectively under political motivation" by the European Union and other international organizations. (b. 1961-).

1998-2004 Minister of Family and Youth Valentyna Douzhenko
Her name is also trancribed Valentina Dovzhenko

1998-99 Chairperson of the State Committee for Standards and Metrology and Certification in the Council of Ministers Tetiana Kysiljova

1994-99 Deputy Minister of Health Raisa Vasylivna Bohatyryova (Raisa Bogatyrova)
1999-2000 Minister of Health
2007-2012 secretary of the National Security andDefense Council
2012-14 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health
People’s Deputy 1990–1994, Presidential Advisor 2000, Deputy ofVerkhovna Rada since 2000 and Leader of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction 2002–2008, Secretary of the Presidential Security Council 2007-12. (b. 1953-).

Circa 2000-05 Deputy Minister of Justice Lidija Gorbunova
2005 Minister of Arts and Culture Oksana Bilozir

2005 Deputy Minister of Justice Valeria Lutkovskaya

2006-07 Chairperson of the State Property Fund Valentyna Semenyuk

2007-10 Minister of Labor and Social Policy Liudmyla Denisova

Minister of the Presidency Vera Ulyanchenko
Also known as Vira Ivanivna, she was
Governor of the Kiev Oblast 2006-09 and Leader of the People's Union Our Ukraine from 2009. (b. 1958)

2010-14 Representative of the President in the Cabinet of Ministers, the First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine Iryna Akimova

2012-14 Minister of Social Policy Natalia Korolevska

2012-13 Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Olena Lukash
2013-14 Minister of Justice

2014 Appointed Deputy Prime Minister for Humanitarian Policy Olga Bogomolets
Refused to be part of the unity government after the autoritarian president was removed from office.

2014 Minister of Social Policy Lyudmyla Denisova

2014-16 Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko
In consideration for the post of Prime Minister in 2016.

2014 Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Hanna Onyschenko

2016- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for European Integration Ivanna Klympusch-Tsintsadze

2016- Minister of Education and Science Liliya Greynevych

2016- Deputy Minister of Interior Anastasia Deyeva
(b. 1992-)

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