US Virgin Islands Ministers

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The Virgin Islands of the USA (US Virgin Islands) (Female suffrage 1922) USA purchased the Former Danish West Indies (Dansk Vestindiske Řer) in 1917 making it an associated state and
and US External Territory

Also see US Virgin Islands Parliament

1972-79 Commissioner of Conservation and Cultural Affairs Hortense C. Willigan Rowe

1991-98 Attorney General Rosalie Simmonds Ballentine

1995-98 Commissioner of Education Linda Creque

1995-98 Commissioner of Housing, Parks and Recreation Jenifer Nugent-Hill

1994-95 Acting Commissioner of Health Donna Marie Christian-Green
Former Assistant Commissioner of Health and Delegate to the United State House of Representatives from 1997 as Donna Christian-Christensen. 2014 she was Democratic Candidate for governor but lost to the only man among a total of five candidates. (b. 1945-).

1998-2003 Commissioner of Human Service Catherine L. Mills

1998-2003 Commissioner of Licensing and Consumer’s Affairs Vera M. Falu

1998-2003 Commissioner of Planning and National Resources Buelah A. Dalmida-Smith

1998-2003 Director of Energy Alicia Barnes-James

1998-2003 Director of Internal Revenue Claudette Farrington

1998-2003 Director of Personnel Ellen Murraine

1999-2006 Commissioner of Finance and Treasurer Bernice A. Turnbull

2003-06 Commissioner of Education Noreen Michael

2003-06 Commissioner of Health Darlene Carty

2006-06 Commissioner of Human Service Sedonie Halbert

2003-06 Commissioner of Tourism Pamela C. Richards

2006-07 Attorney General Kerry Drue

2007 Acting Commissioner of Labor Arah Lockhart

2007 Acting Commissioner of Planning and Natural Resources Claudette C. Lewis
Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Natural Resources 2003-07

2007 Acting Commissioner of Tourism Monique Sibilly-Hodge
Assistant Commissioner from 2003.

2007 Acting Commisioner of Health Phyllis Wallace
Later Commissioner for Education

2007 Acting Commissioner of the Public Finance Authority Cherrie Cole

2007-15 Director of Management and Budget Debra Gottlieb
Named Deputy Commisisoner of Education in 2015.

2007-09 Commissioner of Finance Claudette J. Watson-Anderson
2009-15 Commissoner of Internal Revenue

2007-09 Commissoner of Internal Revenue Gizette Canegata-Thomas

2007-15 Commissioner of the Property and Procurement Department Lynn Millin Maduro

2007-15 Commissioner of Tourism Beverly Nicholson-Doty

2007-12 Commissioner of Licensing and Consumer Affairs Grace Fahie
Assistant Commissioner until her appointment.

2007-15 Commissioner of Education Donna Frett-Gregory

2007-12 Commissioner of Health Vivian Ebbesen-Fludd

2012-15 Commissioner of Health Darice Plaskett

2015- Attorney General Soraya Diase-Coffelt

2015- Commissioner of Education Sharon McCollum, PhD

2015- Commissioner of Tourism Beverly Nicholson Doty

2015- St. Croix Administrator Stephanie S. Williams


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