Turks and Caicos Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Turks and Caicos Islands
(Female suffrage 1959) A part of Jamaica until 1962. Occupied by Bahamas until 1973 when it became a British Crown Colony

1991-94 Minister of Natural Resources Arabella Smith
1994-96 Minister of Education, Youth Development and Sport

1995-96 Minister of Health, Welfare, Social Security Emily Saunders
MP 1991-99
and Speaker of the Legislative Council 1991-95

1997-2005 Chief Secretary Cynthia Astwood
2002 Acting Governor (26.11-16.12)
Previously Under Secretary and Deputy Chief Secretary, she was a member of the Executive Council, ranking below the Governor and have acted as such on various occasions. For example in 1999 and May and October 2002 during the absence of the Governor, and from  the withdrawal of Mervin Jones untill Jim Poston took office by the end of 2002. (b. 1946-)

2003-07 Minister for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture Lillian E. Robinson-Been
2007-09 Minister of Health and Human Services (Lillian Boyce)
2009 Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs and Public Security
Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Leader of Progressive National Party in 2003. From 2006 she uses the name Lillian Elaine Boyce. In January 2009 she was fired for her critique the Premier but in February he announced his resignation for 31 March, and appointed her to the cabinet. He resigned on 23 March and his successor fired her from the cabinet. (b. 1963-).

2003-05 Minister for Health, Social Services and Gender Affairs Karen Delancy
2009 Minister of Home Affairs and Human Services
Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament 2007-09.

2005-06 Chief Secretary Mahala Wynns
2005 Acting Governor (21.06-11.07)
2006-09 Deputy Governor
2008 Acting Governor (16.07-05.08)
2009-12 Member of the Advisory Council (Government)
Acting Governor twice in the period until a new governor was inagurated after his predecessor left. And ex-officio member of the government that took office after the British authorities suspended the constitution and the Governor took over the executive functions.

2009 Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Amanda Missick
2012 Minister of Health
2012-15 Minister of Human Services, Gender Affairs and Social Services
2015-16 Minister of Environment, Home Affairs and Agriculture
In office from March till August 2009, when the British government supended self-government and placed the Governor in charge of the whole island for a 2 year period because of widespread corruption in the government and parliament.

2009-12 Member of the Advisory Council Doreen Quelch-Missick
Human Rights Commissioner.

2009-12 Member of the Advisory Council Edith Cox
Leading accountant.

2012- Deputy Governor Anya Williams, Turks and Caicos
2013 Acting Governor (15.9.13-19.10.13)
2016 Acting Governor  (10.10.16-17.10.16)
Former Permanent Secretary of Finance. As Deputy Governor she is a non-voting member of Cabinet, Head of the public service and chair of the Permanent Secretaries’ committee.

2012-16 Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Library Services Akierra Mary Deanne Missick
Akierra Missnick was daughter of the former Member of the Advisory Council, Doreen Missick.

2012-15 Minister of Environment, Home Affairs and Health Porsha Monique Stubbs-Smith
2015-16 Minister of Tourism, Environment, Heritage and Culture

2014- Attorney General Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles
The chief justice, chief magistrate, director of public prosecutions and 5 of 7 permanent secretaries were also women around 2017.

2016- Premier and Minister of Finance Sharlene Cartwright Robinson
Deputy Leader in 2012 and Leader of the People's Democratic Movement since 2012 and Leader of the Opposition 2012-16. (b. 1971-)

2016- Minister of Education Josephine Conolly
Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly 2012-16.


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