Turkmenistan Parliament

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Parliament of Turkmenistan/ Turkmenostan
Indep. 27.1.91 (Female suffrage 1922)

The Supreme Soviet became the Peoples Council = Khalk Maslakhaty and Assembly = Majlis in 1992

Also see Turkmenistan Ministers

Circa 1963-? Vice-Chairperson A.K. Babayeva

Circa 1963-? Member of the Presidium A.M. Rebrikova

1975-circa 78 Vice-President Shemshat Annaeva

1975-89 Secretary K.O. Nazarova

1975-89 Member of the Presidium Roza A. Bazarova
President of the Republic

1976-89 Vice-President Rosa M. Karyeva

1990-circa 92 Member of the Presidium Maya Gosel Aymedova

1990-circa 92 Member of the Presidium Geukher B. Geldyyeva

1990-circa 92 Member of the Presidium Svetlana F. Lagshikina

 Circa 1992-95 Deputy Chairperson Abad Sakhatovna Rezaeva (Rizacva)
Afterwards vice-premier and Minister of Education.

1999-2003 Deputy Chairperson Gozel Nuralyyeva
Vice-Premier 2003-04.

2001- Secretary General of the Majlis Enegul B. Dollayeva

2003- Deputy Chairperson Akja Tajiyevna Nurberdiyeva
2006-07 Acting Chairperson (22.12-23.02.)
2007- Chairperson
Other versions of her name is Akdja or
Akça and Nurberdyyeva.


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