Turkmenistan Ministers

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Republic of Turkmenistan/ Türkmenostan Jumhuriyäti
(Female suffrage 1922/27) The Turkmen Nation settled in the area in the 15th century, 1886 it became part of the Russian Empire, 1918 an Autonomous Socialist Republic and independent 27.1.91

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1958 Deputy Minister of Public Service Khally Nazarova
1959-62 Minister of Social Affairs
1963-65 Deputy Premier Minister

1960-77-? Minister of Social Welfare Anzurat Mullabavna Rakhimova

1963-67 Deputy Minister of Education Bibi Palvanova
1967-77-? Minister of Education

1965-71 Minister of Social Affairs D. Moumedova

1969-76 Head of the Central Committee Department of Culture S. Annanurova

1971-76 Deputy Premier Minister and Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee Department of Propaganda and Agitation Maria Molaeva

1975 Deputy Premier Minister Roza Atamuradovna Bazarova
1988-90 President of the Republic (13.8-19.1)
Between 1975-89 Member of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet. (1933-)

1976-80? Head of the Communist Party Central Committee Department of Culture A.A. Karlieva

1977-79 Minister of Local Industry Annabibi Baimakhanova
1979-88 Minister of Light Industry

1979-89 Minister of Education Meredgul Aliyevna Aliyeva
1990-92 Minister of Education                             

1985-88 Deputy Minister of Health Aksotlan Toreyevna Ataeva
1990-94 Minister of Health
1994-96 Minister of Social Affairs
Ambassador to the United Nations
from 1996.

1988-93 Deputy Premier Minister Tuvakbibi Amagl'dyeva
1988-90 Minister of Foreign Affairs

1995-98 Deputy Premier Minister Abad Sakhatovna Irzayeva Rizaeva
2004 Minister of Education
Former Vice-President of the Parliament
. Other versions of her surnames are Sehedovna, Sehedana and Risaveva.

1997-2006 Member of the Cabinet and Prosecutor General Gurbanbibi Sinirenovna Atajanova
One of President Saparmurat Niyazov (Saparmurat Turkmenbasy the Great)'s strongest supporters she relently procecuted all opponents in "show-trials" throughout her years in office. Officially she resigned for health reasons but later "confessed" on national tv that she had been taking bribes and stealing national property. (b. 1948-).

Circa 1998-99 Minister of Consumer Goods Djamal Aymurandovna Geklenova
2002 Deputy Premier Minister in charge of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Turkmen Statistics and Forecasts Committee 
1999-2002 Minister of Textile Industry and Foreign Trade
2007 State Minister and Chairperson of
the state joint-stock corporation "Turkmenhaly"
2007- Minister of Textile Industry
Her name is also transcribed
Jemal Goklenova

Circa 2000-04 Deputy Minister of Social Maintenance Ejegyz Rozyeva

Circa 2000-04 Deputy Minister of Health Ema Rejepovna Dovletsakhatova

2001 Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Enebay Geldiyevna Atayeva
04 Minister of Economy and Finance
04 Deputy Premier Minister responsible for the Banking Sector, Costums and Imports and Governor of Ahal Region (circa 2003-04)
2006-07 Minister of Culture and TV and Radio Broadcast
Before 2001 and from  2004 Head of the central Council of Trade Unions and Head of the Women's Association. Her name is also transcribed as Ataeva Enebay Gelgievna.

2002-03 Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Culture, Tourism, and Sports Gurbansoltan Handurdyeva
Head of the state-television system in 2003.

04 Member of the Cabinet and Chairperson of the National Bank
2005 Acting Chairperson of the National Bank and Acting of the State Development Fond Sekersoltan Kakalyyevna Muhammedova
Another version of her name is Shakersoltan Mukhammedova. Like so many other government officials she was fired by the country's excentric dictator, Saparmyrat Nyyazov Turkmenbasy (Father of Turkmen) during a direct news broadcast. She was later appointed Acting Governor until she was fired again

2003-04 Deputy Premier and Minister of Culture and Information Gozul Nuralieyeva
She was Vice-Chairperson of the Majlis.

2003-04 Deputy minister of Economy and Finance Bibitac Vekilova
2004-05 Minister of Economy and Finance
2005-07 Minister of Social Security
After firering her predesessor during a tv-transmission, he appointed her acting minister for a six month test period afterwhich she was confirmed in the office. She was fired by President Niyazov during a Cabinet Session, who instucted her to join the agricultural joint-stock association as a deputy to control revenues and expenditures there. At the same session he fired a number of other ministers. She was later re-appointed to the Cabinet.

2004-06 Minister of Culture, Information, TV and Radio Broadcasting Maral Basimovna Basimova
Until her appointment she was Mayor of Abadan City (Former Bezmein)

2004- Deputy Minister of Culture Jamal Saparova

2005 1. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Annagul Sapargylyjovna Rejepova
Appointed Director of the National Institute of Democracy and Human Rights for a six months trial period in March 2005, but was fired in June.

2005-06 Deputy Minister of Education Semsat Allaberdiyevna Tatova

2006-07 Minister of Education Semsat Amangylyjovna Annagylyjova

2007- Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Culture, Media and Health Care Issues Maysa Yazmuhammedova
Former Deputy Governor of the Ahaol Region and Trade Union leader.

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