Trinidad and Tobago Parliament Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Presidents of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago
(Female suffrage 1945)

1970-72 Vice-President of the Senate Dr. Ada Date Champs

1991-95 Speaker of the House of Representatives Occah Seapaul

1995-2003 Clerk of the Senate Norma Cox

1995- Clerk of the House of Representatives Jacqui Sampson-Jacent
2002 Presiding over the Constituting Session
She presided over the day long abortive attempt in April to elect a speaker of the hung parliament 18 seats for each party in November 2001, which did not want any compromise. The parliament was prolonged by the President.

2001- Presiding Officer of the Tobago House of Assembly Anne Mitchell-Gift

2002-07 President of the Senate Dr. Linda Baboolal
Minister of Social Welfare and Consumer's Affairs 1991-95 and Minister of Health 1995, Chairperson of Peoples National Movement 1996-2002. Acting President during her whole tenure as Senate President whenever the Presdent was abroad.

2002 Vice-President of the Senate Christine Kangaloo
2002 Acting President (10-17.04 and 11.07-25.07)
2015- President of the Senate
Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister 2002-05, Minister of Legal Affairs and Consumer Affairs 2005-07 and Minister of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education 2007-10.

2003- Clerk of the Senate Dawn Dolly

2007-10 Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Penelope Beckles
Minister of Social Development in charge of policy planning and research development for the social sector 2001-02, Minister of Culture and Tourism 2002-
03, Minister of Public Utilities and Environment 2003-07 and appointed Ambassador to the UN in 2016.

2010-15 Deputy President of the Senate Lyndira Oudit
UNC Deputy Leader since 2009.

2012-15 Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Nela Khan
Parliamentary Secretary for Arts and Culture 2010-12.

2015 President of the Senate Raziah Ahmed
Business woman and senator.

2015- Speaker of the House of Representatives Brigid Annisette-George
Attorney General 2007-09.


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