Tonga Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Kingdom of Tonga/ Pule'anga Fakatu 'i'o Tonga
(Female suffrage 1960) Independent 1970 Formerly a British Protectorate with total autonomy

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1918-65 Kuini/Queen and President of the Privy Council H.M Queen Salote Mafile’o Piloevu Veiongo Tupou III (5.4.18-15.12.65)
Also the 24th Tu’i Kano’kupolu, 1923-65 Head of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, the National (Methodist) Church, in 1937 Cr. Dame of the Order of the British Empire, 1945 Dame of the Order Grand Cross and 1953 Dame of the Order of St. James’s. Her husband,  was a member of the nobility and a sideline of the royal family, Prince Uiliame Tupoulahi Tungi, and Premier 1923- 41(†), their son was Premier till she died and he became king Tauf’ahau Toupu IV (1918-1965-). She lived (1900-65)

1965 Possible Queen Regent H.R.H.Queen Halaevalu Mata’aho
1998 (8.5-14.5) Queen Regent 

1999 (-30.4-) Queen Regent
She has acted as regent on several occasions during the reign of her husband king Taf’ahau Troup IV, when he was aboard. Born as Princess Halaevalu Mata'aho Ahome'e. (b. 1926-)

1988 Princess Regent HRH Princess Salote Mafile'o Pilolevu Tuita
1998 Princess Regent (January)

1999 Princess Regent (July)
2001 Princess Regent (September-November)
2005 Princess Regent (August-September)
2006 Princess Regent (April)
2006 Princess Regent (May-June)
2007-08 (November-January)
2008 Princess Regent (May-June and November)
2009 Princess Regent (August, October)
2010 Princess Regent (October-November)
2011 Princess Regent (January-February)
Princess Pilolevu was appointed regent for the first time in August 1988  during a period where both her father and brother, the crown prince was absent from the country and in June 2006, May 2008 and January 2011, she read the Speech from the Throne. Acted on various other occations. (1951-)

2004 Acting Minister of Justice Attorney General
‘Alisi Taumoepeau (January-?)
She was appointed Solicitor General in 2002 and Acted as Chief Justice in 2002 before being appointed Acting Minister in the absence of her husband, Hon. ‘Aisea Taumoepeau, who was Solicitor General 1988-2002 and Minister of Justice 2002-04. In August 2004 he was dismissed because of his involvement in the pro-democracy movement, wanting to abolish the absolute monarchy, she resigned as Solicitor General and they both left the country.

2004 Acting Minister of Labour, Commerce and  Industries Vika Vaka Fusimalohi
As Deputy Secretary she was appointed, Acting Secretary of Labour, Commerce and Industries in 2003 and appointed as Acting Minister in January 2004.

2004 Acting Interim Minister of Education Tupou 'Ulu'ave Taufa
Deputy Director of Education since 1998, she was Acting Director of Education and was Appointed as Minister from 7th of February until the Interim Minister of Education resumed his duty in the Kingdom.

2006-09 Attorney General and Minister of Justice Malia Viviena 'Alisi Numia Afeaki Taumoepeau

2009-11 Minister of Information and Communcation Eseta Fusitu’a
2009 Acting Minister of Justice

Government Spokesperson, Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet and the Prime Minister Circa 1986-2001 and Chief Secretary and Secretary to the Cabinet 2001-08.

2011-14 Minister for Education, Women's Affairs and Culture Dr 'Ana Maui Taufe'ulungaki


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