Timor Leste Ministers

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Timor/República Democrática de Timor-Leste/
Timór Lorosa'e/Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste East Timor
A Portuguese Colony until 1974. After the Portuguese withdrew the territory was occupied by Indonesia which conducted a genocide. 1999-2002 Under UN Protection and Independent at 20.05.02.

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The National Political Commission of the National Council of Timorese Resistance was an umbrella organization of resistance movements established in April 1998, functioning first as government-in-exile and shortly as the local administration. In 2000 the UN Transitional Administration appointed an interim administration consisting of local Timorese and internationally appointed members

1998-2000 Member of the National Political Commission of the National Council of Timorese Resistance
2000-01 Member of the Transitional Cabinet for Internal Administration
2001-03 Minister of Justice (Third in the Cabinet)
2003-05 Minister of State and Minister by the President of the Council of Ministers
2005-07 Minister of State and Minister of Internal Administration
2006 Senior Minister of state
Ana Maria Pessoa Pereira da Silva Pinto
Dra. Ana Pessoa
was considered the prime contender among the candidates put forward by the Fretilin-party for the post of Prime Minister after the resignation of Mari Alkari in 2006, but the party accepted the President's wish to appoint her ex-husband, the former Foreign Minster and independent, José Ramos Horta, as Interim Premier and the 2 other male candidats named Deputy Prime Mnisters. She was appointed Prosecutor General in 2009.

1998-2000 Member of the Executive Committee of the National Council of Timorese Resistance and Director of the Department of Regional Services
2001-03 Secretary of the Commission on Planning
2007-15 Minister of Finance Dr. Emilia Maria Valéria Pires

1999-2000 Member of the Executive Committee of the National Council of Timorese Resistance and Director of the Department of  Finance and Resources Dr. Pascoela Barreto

2000-01 International Member of the Transitional Cabinet in charge of Justice Gita Honwana-Welch

2001-02 Minister of Finance Dra. Fernanda Mesquita Borges
She was fourth ranking in the cabinet.
Leader of Partido de Unidade Nacional (PUN) from 2007, and MP until 2012.

2001-02 Vice-Minister for Internal Administration Ilda Maria da Conceição  
2002-03 Vice-Minister of Administration
2003-06 Vice-Minister of Internal Administration

2006-07 Vice-Minister of Primary and Secondary Administration

Deputy District Administrator of Viqueque 2000-01

2001-02 Advisor on Human Rights Dra.
Isabel da Costa Ferreira

2002-07 Minister of Finance and Planning Maria Madelena Brites Boavida

2002-07 Vice-Minister of Finance and Planning Aïcha Bassarewan

2003-06 Vice-Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Dra. Rosária Maria Corte-Real
2006-07 Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport

2005-07 Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Adaljíza Albertina Xavier Reis Magno
2007 Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs (19.05-07.08.07)
Also known was Ajiza Magno, she has been an MP from 2002. (b. 1975-).

2006-07 Minister of Public Works Odete Victor
A total of 7 of the 40 members of the government at the time were women.
All 9 Secretaries of State were male until 2007.

2007-12 Minister of Justice Lucia Maria Brandão Freitas Lobato (Third in Cabinet)
Lucia Lobato has been MP since 2001. Deputy Leader of the Democratical Social Party (PSD) since 2003 and Deputy Opposition Leader. Presidential Candidate in 2007 and 2012. Lawyer and university teacher. (b. 1965-).

2007-12 Minister of Social Solidarity Maria Domingas Fernandes Alves (Mikato)
2012 Designate Minister of Defence and Security
A former guerilla leader. Her appointment as Defence Minister was rejected by the president who did not want a woman on the post, she subsequently refused another post in the government.

2007-12 Vice-Minister of Health Madalena Fernandes Melo Hanjan Costa Soares

2007-15 Secretary of State of Equality Idelta Maria Rodrigues

2012- Minister Social Solidarity Isabel Amaral Guterres

2012-15 Vice-Minister of Finance  Santina Jose Rodrigues Ferreira. Viegas Cardos
2015- Minister of Finance
Santina Cardos is a former Director General in the Ministry. (b. 1975-).

2012- Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs Maria Terezinha S. Viegas

2012-15 Vice-Minister of Health for Ethics and Services Natália de Araújo

2012-15 Vice-Minister of Health for Management, Support and Resources Maria do Céu Sarmento Pina da Costa
2015- Minister of Health

2012- Vice-Minister of Education for Basic Education Dulce de Jesus Soares

2012-15 Secretary of State by the Prime Minister for Support and Promotion of the Private Sector Veneranda M. Lemos Martins

2015- Secretary of State for the Support and Socio-Economical Promotion of Women

2012- Secretary of State for Art and Culture Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes

2015- Vice Minister of Health Ana Isabel Soares

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