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Heads of State of Thailand/ Prathet Thai/Muny Thai
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Ayutthaya (Ayudhaya)

1546-48 Joint Regent Dowager Queen Si Sudachan --
สมเด็จพระศรีสุริโยทัย was also known as Sudachachandra. After the death of her husband, Chairajadhirai (Chaiya Radschathira) she poisoned his oldest son and made her lover, the minor court official, Kaeofa (Phra Yod Fa),kingChaiya Radschathira, and executed those who protested. Her son was succeeded by Worawongsathirat, a favourite of the widow of king Boromaradscha IV (1529-33) and after he was deposed her close relative, Maha Chakrapat, ursurped the throne and ruled until 1568. She (d. 1548).

1548 Heroine Queen Suriyothai
สมเด็จพระศรีสุริโยทัย was also known as Somdet Phra Sisuriyothai or Tao Sri Suda Chan. Barely six months into the reign of her husband, King Maha Chakapat, the King of Burma invaded Siam with the intent of sacking the main capital, Ayutthaya. Her husbandlead his troops in the defense of the city from atop his war elephant and she disguised herself as a man and rode into battle on her own elephant. During the battle with Burmese troops, her husband's elephant collapsed from wounds and he was in danger of being killed and sh rode her elephant to protect her husband and was killed by a scythe. (d. 1548)

1569 Queen Visutthikasat 
Also known as Thepkasattery or Khun Pirenthep, she was the last of the old ruling family, her husband, Mahathammaracha (Maha Tammaradschathirat or King Maha Thammaraja
), Chief of the Sukhothai, was king (1569-90). She is not listed as Queen Regent in most chronologies, but the Thai National Museum in Bangkok list her as such.

Haripunchai (Lawo)

Around 750 Queen Regnant Nang Chamthewi
Also known as Channa Devi, Channadevi or Queen Jamadevi, and according to the Chamadevivamsa and Jinakalamali chronicles the city was founded by the hermit Suthep in 661, and the ruler from Lopburi sent his daughter Jamadevi as the first queen. However, this dating is now usually considered wrong, and the actual beginning is now placed at around 750. At that time most of central Thailand was under the rule of Mon city states, called the Dvaravati kingdom. She gave birth to twins, the older one succeeding her as the ruler of Lamphun, the younger one became ruler of neighboring Lampang.


1545-47 and 1564-78 Queen Regnant Phra Chao Chira Prapa Mahadevi
Also known as Chiraprabha, Mahatevi Jiraprapa or Phra Nang Yout Kham Thip, she was the oldest daughter of king Phaya Ket, and took over after a power struggle among various factions and during civil war in the region. According to some sources, King Burengnong married her, (now in her 40s (at least), and she ruled for a second time from 1564 until her death in 1578, according to other sources, it was her younger sister, Queen Wisutthithew, that Burengong married, and it was she who ruled from 1564.

1551 Queen Jalampa Siri Sudhamma Mahadevi
Also known as princess Thao Meh Ku, she was married to Sethathirat of Lan Xang, who became king of Chiang Mai. After he was deposed, she ruled on her own until she was deposed herself by Mekut (Mekkhuti), the king of the Shan State of Muong Nai (he was succeded by Queen Wisuthatevi in 1564). Sethathirat continued fighting against Lanna until his death in 1571.

1564-78 Queen Regnant Wisuthatev
Also known as Phra Nang Visuti, Wisutthithew or Maha Tewi she was youngest daughter of Phaya Ket and placed on the throne by the Burmese after King Phra Mekut was deposed, and married to King Burengnong, or Bayinnaung, of Hantawaddy and Pegu, who sacked Ayudhaya in 1569 and continued fighting until his death in 1581. Lannabecame a vassal state required to pay annual tribute of gold and silver trees, and manpower as necessary in times of war.She was the last descendent of Mengrai to rule, and after her death, the Burmese sent their own princes to rule in Lanna. (d. 1578).


1584-1616 Raja Ijau I
She succeded brother. Her aunt, Raja A'isyah was regent for Sultan Bahdur after Sultan Manzur Syah died in ?.

1616-24 Queen Raja Biru
Succeded by sister

1624-35 Queen Raja Ungu
Succeded by daughter.

From 1635-88 Queen Raja Kuning
Succeded mother.

1707-16 Raja Devi P'ra-Chao


1785 Military Leaders Kunying Jan and Kunying Mook
After the death of her husband, the Governor of Phuket, she and her sister, Mook, dressed up as men and assembled what forces they could to fend off an attack by the Burmese. After a month-long siege, the Burmese were forced to retreat March 13, 1785. The sisters became local heroines, receiving the honorary titles Thao Thep Kasatri and Thao Sri Sunthon from King Rama I.



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