Thailand Parties

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Parties of Thailand/ Prathet Thai/Muny Thai (Female suffrage 1932)

See also Thailand Heads and Thailand Parliament

1994-97 Secretary General of the Palang Dharma Party Sudarat Keyuraphan
2000-08 Deputy Leader of the Thai Rak Thai Party
MP 1993-06, Deputy Government Spokesperson 1993-95, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communication 1994-95, Deputy Minister of Interior 1996-97, declined to become leader of the Palang Dharma Party in 1997 but instead formed the Palang Thai Group which won a number of seats in the Bangkok City Assembly and the same year she was co-founder of Thai Rak Thai (Thais love Thais) and itís deputy Leader since 2000 and same year one 3 female candidates for the post of Governor of Bangkok and finished second in the race, Minister of Public Health 2001-
05 and Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives 2005-06. After the military coup in 2006, she went in exile in Paris. (b. 1961-)

Until 2007 Secretary-General of Pracharaj Party Anongwan Thepsutin
2007- Secretary General of the Matchima Thipataya party
MP for the Thai Rak Thai Party from 2001, resigned as from the Pracharaj Party in 2007 and took over as leader of Matchima after her husband, Somsak Thepsutin, was barred from active politics in 2006, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment from 2008. (b. 1958-).

2011- Chair of UDD (United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship) (The Red Shirts) Tida Tawornseth

2011- Chairperson of the Parliamentary Faction of the Democratic Party Kalaya Sophonphanich
Candidate for the post of Deputy Speaker in 2008 and Minister of Science and Technology 2008-11.

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