Tanzania Heads of State

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Heads of State of Tanzania/ Jamhurya ya Mwungaowa Tanzania (Female Suffrage for White 1919/ Blacks 1959) Tanzania was established in 1963 as an union of Tanganyika (the mainland) and the Island of Zanzibar. Independent 1961 and a republic 1962

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18.. Chief Mamka of Kibosho

18.. Chief Malamba of Mamba

18… Chief Mashina of Mamba
Succeded her husband Mafaluke

18… Chief Mukunde of Wikangulu

Circa 1800 Mfalme wa Kilwa wa Kilwa Sultan Fatima binti Sultan Muhammed Mkubwa of Kilwa
THe state was situated at the Island of Kilwa Kisiwani, a major trading center, which was later annexed by Zanzibar. She is known because of the letter she wrote in Arabic script to a Mombasan, Mwinyi Jumaa, who was based in Goa

Around 1828 Chief Sheha Mwana wa Mwana of Tumbatu
Widow of Sultan Kasan II of Zanzibar

After 1828 Sheha Fatima bint Ali  of Tumbatu
Sheha is a version of Sheik. She succeeded her father as ruler of the Island State.

Before 1856 Sheha Mwana Khadija bint Nwale of Tumbatu
She succeeded father, her successor reigned until 1856, when the state was c
onquered by Zanzibar

1844-93 Chief Mugalula I of Kiwele
Succeeded her father, Nyungu-ya-Mawe, who had originally designated his sister’s son, Nzwala, as his successor, who predeceased him. She committed suicide and was succeeded by Nzwala’s daughter Msavila. According to some sources she was Sultan Mugalula of Nyamwezi in 1893 – but Nyamwezi was the name of the ruling dynasty in Kiwele.

1861 Chief Msanya of Marangu
Succeeded son, Ndalio and was succeeded by another, or a stepson

1879 Regent Princess Ivaki of Igunda
For son Chief Ikviaki, who succeeded her father.

1893-1924 Chief Msavila I of Kiwele
Succeeded her aunt, Mugalula I in Kiwele and wad first succeeded by son and in 1929 by daughter Mulgalula II.

1893-95 Sultan Mugalula of Nyamwezi
She abdicated as Sultan of Nyamwezi the same year.

1895 Sultan Abd Msavila II of Nyamwezi
Daughter of Sultana Mugalula, who reigned 1893-95 Msavila abdicated and was succeeded by Chief and sultan Katugamoto, who was deposed in 1898. She died (1924)

After 1903 Chief Muyelaansime of Nkokolo

Around 1926 Chief Ng’endo of Nkokolo
She is known to have been ruling in 1926. She was succeeded by son, Kasivilo, who in 1934 was succeeded by her brother’s daughter, Sala.

1929-62 Chief Mugalula II of Kiwele
Daughter of Msavila and succeeded brother. In 1962 the new government abolished the chiefly system

1934-62 Chief Sala of Nkokolo
Succeeded cousin, the male chief Kasivilo. In 1962 the new government abolished the chiefly system

Until 1934 Chief Musonga II of Ipito
She succeeded father Ivata, she was deposed and succeeded by sister.

1934-62 Chief Ng’endo of Ipito
Daughter of Ivata and succeeded sister Musonga II. In 1962 the new government abolished the chiefly system

1961-62 Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Tanganyika and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth (09.12-09.12)
Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1952

2015- 1. Vice-President Samiah Suluhu, Tanzania
Minister in the Cabinet of Zanzibar 2000-10, elected National MP in 2010. (b. 1960-)


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