Tajikistan Ministers

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Tajikistan/ Jumhurrii Tojikiston/Tocikiston (Female suffrage 1922) Became part of the Russian Empire 1868, part of the Central Asian Emirate as Bukhara Emirate 1917, a Soviet Republic 1918, Part of Uzbekistan 1924-29 before becoming an Autonomous Republic, independent 9.9.91

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Circa 1960-65 Vice-President K. Alueva

Circa 1960-65 Deputy Premier Minister A.N. Atanepesova

1965-(70) Deputy Premier Minister M.K. Karimova

1966-78 Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee Department of Propaganda and Agitation I
bodat Rakhimova
Vice-President 1955-66 and Secretary 1978-89 of the Supreme Soviet

1969 Head of the Central Committee General Affairs Department L.I. Volkova

1974-81 Minister of Trade Raisa M. Grishiha
1981-(89) Deputy Premier Minister

1975-78 Deputy Head of the Central Committee Department G. Bobosadykova
She was also First secretary of the Gorkom of Dshaibe(The Capital).

1974-90 Minister of Public Service Adolat T. Kasymova
1990-92 Minister of Social Affairs

1977-80? Head of the Communist Party Central Committee Light and Food Industry Department V.I. Kozlova

1978-89/90 Minister of Social Affairs Karomat Mirzoalieva

1984 Acting President Nizoramo Zaripova
As Vice-President of the Supreme Soviet, she acted as Republic Head during a vacancy. (b. 1923).

1990-92 Minister of Culture Tamara M. Abdushurova

1992-93 Minister of Social Affairs M. Abdemakhmanova

1992-93 Minister of Health Inumzada Jura

1992-94 Minister, Chairperson of the State-Committee of Youth, Sports and Tourism Zebiniso S. Rustamova

1993-94 Minister of Education Bozgul Dodkhudoeva
1994 and 1996-99 Deputy Premier Minister

1993-? Deputy Minister of Industry Bikhodzhal Rakimova

1993-? 1. Deputy Minister of Information Anora Astaova

1993-94 Deputy Minister of Labour Munira Abdulloyevna Inoyatova
1994-96 Deputy Premier Minister
1994-99 Minister of Education
1999- Presidential Advisor of Social Affairs

1993- Deputy Minister of Social Affairs Durslton Shonazirova

1995-2000 1. Deputy Minister of Economy and Foreign Economic Relations Larisa Smeyanova
2000- Deputy Minister of Justice

1995- Deputy Minister of Health Zukira Mirzoyeva

1996-97 Chairperson of the State Committee for Youth, Sport and Tourism Zebiniso Rostannova

1997-2000 Chairperson of the State Committee for Construction Rafiqa Ganievna Musaeva
2000-01 Minister of Labour and Employment  
2001- Minister of Labour and Social Welfare
Also known as Rafika Musovea or Museyeva

1997-2004 Chairperson of the State Committee for Women and Family Affairs Latofat Nasriddnova
The Deputy Chairperson was Mukarramhon Bursurukova

1999-2004 Deputy Premier Minister in charge of Women's Issues Nigina Sharapova
2004- Deputy Minister of Health

1999-2000 Minister of Social Security Qimmat Rustamovna Rustamova

Circa 1999 Chief of the Legal Department of the Presidentís Office Tochinisso Azizova

2000- Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Guljon Mirsoeva

Around 2001 Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection Adolat Uzakova

2002- Deputy Minister of Education Sabokhat Radzhabova

2004- Deputy Prime Minister Khayrinisso Mavlonova
Former Deputy Chairperson of the Soghd Region and Deputy Chairperson of the Leninobod Regional administration.

Circa 2004-
Chairperson of the State Committee for Women and Family Affairs Rukiya Kurbonova

2006- Deputy Minister of Finance Gulmira Khamrokulova

2006- Deputy Minister of Energy Mavjuda Keldiyerova

2006- Deputy Minister for Water Resources Aikhon Sharipova

2006- Minister of Health Rano Abdurakhmanova

2009- Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ozoda Rahmonova
The only one of President Rahmon Nabiyev's 9 children to hold public office. Married to Deputy Finance Minister Jamollidin Nuraliev


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