Syria Ministers

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Arab Republic of Syria/ Al-Jamhousiya Al-Arabia as-Souriya (Female suffrage 1949, right to stand for elections 1953) Formerly part of the Osman Empire became a French Mandade 1914-18 and an independent republic 1939, Part of the United Arab Republic with Egypt 1958-61

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1976-2000 Minister of Culture Dr. Naja Al-Attar
1980's Government Spokesperson
1994-2000 Minister of National Guidance
2006-12 2. Vice-President, with responsibility to
follow up the implementation of the cultural policy
2012- Vice-President
Translator and literary academic. (b. 1933-)

1992-2000 Minister of Higher Education Prof. Dr. Salimah Sanqar
Former Professor and Dean of Faculty of Education of University of Damascus.

2000-01 Minister of Culture Dr. Maha Qannout

2000-01 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Dr. Baria al-Qudsi

2001-03 Minister of Culture Najoua Qassab Hassan

2001-03 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Ghada al-Jabi

2003-04 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Siham Dello

2003-08 Minister of Expatriates Bouthaina Chaabane
Political Councillor of the President from 2008. The American transcription of her name is Buthaynah Saban and also functions as Government Spokesperson abroad.

Circa 2003-circa 2008 Deputy Minister of Finance Lamia'a al-Asi

2004-11 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Dr. Diyala al-Haj Aref
The American transcription of her name is Dayala al-Haj Arif.

2005- Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabila Al-Shalaan
Former Ambassador to Italy and delegate to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

2009-12 Minister of State of Environment Kawkab al-Sabah Dayeh

2010-11 Minister of Economy Lamia Assi
2011-12 Minister of Tourism
Ambassador to Malaysia 2004-10.

2011-12 Minister of Housing and Construction Hala Mohammad al-Nasser
2012-13 Minister of Tourism

2012-14 Minister of Culture Lubanah Mshaweh

2012-16 Minister of State for Environment Affairs Nazira Farah Sarkis

2013-15 Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat

2015- Minister of Social Affairs Rima Al-Qadri

2016- Minister of State without Portfolio Wafiqa Hosni

2016- Minister of State without Portfolio Salwa Abdullah


Opposition government from 2011

2012-? Vice-President of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Suhair al-Atassi
The opposition government has been recognised as "The legitimate representative of the Syrian people" by a number of foreign governments

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