Sweden Parliament

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Parliament of Sweden/Konungariket Sverige
(Female suffrage 1919)

Also see Sweden Ministers and Sametinget

1971-76 Deputy Speaker Cecilia A. Nettelbrandt
Vice Chairperson of the Liberal Folkpartiet Liberalerna 1967-76.

1979-91 Deputy Speaker Ingegerd Troedsson
1991-94 Speaker
In 1976-78 Minister of Medical Services, 1987-? 2. Vice-Chairperson of Moderaterne, the Conservative Party.
She lived (1929-2012)

1994-2002 Speaker Birgitta Dahl
In 1982-89 Minister of Energy and 1986-90 of Environment. Social Democrat. b. 1937-)

1994-98 Deputy Speaker Görel Thurdin
In 1991-94 Minister of Nature and Planning, 1994 of Environment and 1987-92 2.Deputy Chairperson of the Centre Party.

1998-2002 2. Deputy Speaker Eva Zetterberg
Member of Vänsterpartiet and Ambassador to Nicaragua from 2003.

1998-2002 3. Deputy Speaker teol.cand. Rose-Marie Frebran
Christian Democrat. Governor of Örebro from 2008.

2002-06 2. Deputy Speaker Kerstin Heinemann
Member of Folkpartiet liberalerna.

2002-06 3. Deputy Speaker Helena Höij
Christian Democrat.

2002-10 2. Deputy Speaker Birgitta Sellén
Member of Centerpartiet.

2002-12 3. Deputy Speaker Liselott Hagberg
MP for Folkpartiet liberalerna and Governor of Södermanlands län from 2012

2010-14 Deputy Speaker Susanne Eberstein
Social Democrat MP.

2014- 3. Deputy Speaker Esabelle Dingizian
MP for The Green Party.



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