Suriname Parliament

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Parliament of Suriname (Female suffrage 1948)

Also see Suriname Ministers and Suriname Party Leaders

1996-2000 Chairperson of the Nationale Assemblee Marijke Indradebie Djawalapersad
P for the Progressive Reform Party, VHP 1987-96, Co-Founder and Vice-Chairperson of Basispartij voor Democratie en Vernieuwing (Grass-rote party for Democraty and Renewal) BDV and MP for the party until 2000, Leader of Naya Kadam (New Choice) 2000-03, Deputy Leader of Unie van Progressieve Surinamers (UPS) from 2003. Not re-elected to Parliament in 2005. (b. circa 1941-).

1996-2005 and 2010- Deputy Chairperson of the Nationale Assemblee Ruth Wijdenbosch

2005-10 1. Substitue Chairperson Carmelita C.L. Ferreira

2005-10 2. Substitute Chairperson Sharmila G.R. Mangal-Mansaram

2005-10 3. Substitue Chairperson Socila Angoelal

2010- Chairperson of the Nationale Assemble Jennifer Simons-Geerlings
Parliamentary Leader of Millennium Combinatie  2000-05, Vice-Presidential Candidate and candidate for the post of Parliamentary Speaker in 2005 and Parliamentary Leader of DNP 2005-10.


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