Southern Sudan Ministers

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Republic of Southern Sudan (South Suda) (Female suffrage 1953/64) The mainly Christian or Pegan South had various degrees of self government and periods of central rule. From 2005 an Autonomous Government was introduced and in 2011 it became an independent Republic and the 193rd member of the UN

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1981-83 Regional Minister of Health and Social Welfare in the High Executive for The Southern Region Nekanura Manok

Around 1998 Advisor for Women and Childrens Affairs in the Coordinating Council of the Southern State N.N.

2005 Member of the South Sudan Government Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior
2005-before 2009 Minister of Minister for Transport and Roads in the South Sudan Government
Circa 2009- Presidential Advisor for Human Rights
After her husband, John Garang DeMabior was killed in a plane-crash shortly after taking office as 1. Vice-President of the Federation and President of South Sudan, she joined the cabinet of his successor.

2005-09 Minister of Gender, Social Welfare and Religious Affairs Mary Kiden Kimbo

2009-11 Minister of
Environment, Wildlife and Tourism Agnes Lokudu
2011-13 Minister of Transport
Governor of Bahr-al-Jabal 1994-98 and Minister of Public Service and Manpower in the central government 1998-2000. Her full name is Agnes Poni Lukudi Woro

2009-13 Minister of Gender, Social Welfare and Religious Affairs Agnes Kwaje Lasuba

2011-13 Minister of Minister of Labour and Public Service and Human Resource Delopment Awut Deng Acuil
2013- Minister of Gender and Social Development
2016- Minister of Children

2011-13 Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Anne Itto Leonardo
Minister of State for Agriculture and Forestry in the government of Sudan 2005-10.

2011-13 and 2013-16 Minister of Housing and Physical Planning Jema Nunu Kumba
2016- Minister of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism
Governor of the Western Equatoria State 2009-10.

2011 Minister of Human Resources Development Mary Jervas Yak
2011-13 Deputy Minister of Finance
2013-16 Deputy Minister of Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning

2011-13 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Grace Daterio

2011-13 Deputy Minister of General Education and Instruction Rebecca Joshua Okwaci
2013-16 Deputy Minister of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Postal Services
2016- Minister of Roads and Bridges

2011-13 Deputy Minister of Housing and Physical Planning Mary Nyawulang

2011-13 Deputy Minister of Telecommunication and Postal Services Bettrice Khamisa Wani

2011-13 and 2013- Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Mining Elizabeth James Bol
2013-16 Deputy Minister of Environment

2011-13 Deputy Minister of Electricity and Dams Rhoda David Alak

2011-13 Deputy Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare Dr. Priscilla Nyanyang Joseph

2011-13 Deputy Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Sabina Dario Okolong

2011-13 Deputy Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries Nadia Arop Dudi
2013-16 Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism and Animal Resources, Cooperatives and Rural Development
2016- Minister of Finance and Planning

2013 Acting Ministers, Undersecretaries of the Ministries
The President dismissed the whole cabinet and placed the Undersecretaries in charge. Have not found any information about them.

2016- Minister of Environment and Forestry Josephine Akoon

2016 Minister of Land Housing and Development Mary Alphone Lodira

2016- Minister of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Jemma Nunu Kumba

2016 Deputy Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development Elizabeth Achol Yol

2016- Minister of Water Resources Sofia A. Gai


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