Sri Lanka Parliament

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Sri Lanka
Parliament (Female suffrage 1931) British Crown Colony 1892, self-government 1948, independence 1957 and a republic 1972

Also see Sri Lanka Heads and Sri Lanka Ministers

1955-before 1971 Vice President of the Senate Adeline Molamure
Member of the State Council in 1931-36 after the death of her father J.H. Meedeniya Adigar who had once won the seat. Her husband, Alfred Francis Molamure, was also a member. Member of the the House of Representatives as a member of the Senate from 1947. Sita Molamure Seneviratne, her only daughter, was also the Senator. She lived (1890-1977).

1992-2008 Secretary-General of Parliament Priyanee Wijesekera



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