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1988-93 Chief of the Police Intelligence Service Hanne Bech Hansen, Denmark

Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Fyn 1981-84 and Acting Prosecutor 1982-83, Deputy Commissioner of Police of Gentofte 1984-86, Commissioner by the National Commissioner of Police 1986, Leader of the Intelligence Service of the Police (Chef for PET) 1988-93, Chief Prosecutor of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Tårnby 1993-95, Commissioner of Police of Copenhagen (Københavns Politidirektør)1995-2009. She lived (1939-2016).

1992-95 Director General of MI5 Dame Stella Rimmington, United Kingdom

Worked with the police since the 1960s. 1990-92 she was Senior Deputy Director  General of MI5 and Director General until her retirement. (b. 1936-)

1993-2002 Chief of the Police Intelligence Service Birgitte Stampe, Denmark

Deputy Commissioner by the National Commissioner of Police (Vicepolitimester hos Rigspolitichefen) 1984-88, Commissioner of Police in charge of Personnel 1988-93, Leader of PET 1993-2002 and Deputy National Commissioner of Police (Vicerigspolitichef) 1996-2002. Commissioner of Police in Lyngby 2002-06 and later in Hillerød until 2007, when the post was abolished. The Deputy Commissioner of Police in Hillerød was Inge Wilsbech Andersen.

1996-97 Chief of the Police Security Service Ellen Holager Andenæs, Norway

1997 Acting Chief of Staff for Intelligence Claudia J. Kennedy, USA

She was Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence 1995-97 and Deputy Chief of Staff and Lieutenant General since 1997 and Acting Chief of Staff for Intelligence in 1997.

2000 Chief of the Intelligence Service Marisa Del'Isola e Diniz, Brazil

Up to her appointment as Chief she was Deputy Director General of the Brazilian Intelligence Service for Human Resources.

2001-04  Chief of the Intelligence Service Lindiwe Nonceba Sisulu, South Africa

She was Minister of Intelligence after having been Deputy Minister of Home Affairs from 1996. ANC Activist since the 1970s, and Military training specializing in Intelligence 1977-79. Minister of Housing 2004-09 and Minister of Defence from 2009. (b. 1954-).

2002-07 Head of MI3 Eliza Manningham-Buller, United Kingdom 

She joined the security Service in 1974 and has worked in a wide range of posts within it, primarily concerned with counter terrorism. She has served as a senior liaison officer to the US intelligence community in Washington and in 1993 was promoted to be director of surveillance and technical operations. She was later promoted to be director of Irish counter terrorism, then    
director of finance and IT. In 1997 she was appointed deputy director general of the service, and in 2002 Director General of the Security Service. (b. 1953-)  

2007-08 Head of the Security Services (DAS) Maria del Pilar Hurtado, Colombia

Resigned over a scandal involving illegal survaillance of an opposition Senator.

2006-08 Head of the Foreign Intelligence Special Service Anna Zhvania, Georgia

Former Advisor to the President of Georgia on civic integration and programme coordinator of the Liberty Institute in 1998-1999.

2009-12 Chief of the NorwegianPolice Security Service Janne Kristiansen, Norway

Former Defence Lawyer, Leader of the independent Norwegian Criminal Cases Review Commission 2003-09. (b. 1952-).

 2012- Chief of the Police Security Service Marie Benedicte Bjørnland, Norway
Former Chief of Police of Vestfold

2013-14 Director of the Secret Service Julia Pierson, USA
She worked with the Secret Service for 30 years, latest as chief of staff. It is a a federal law enforcement agency that is part of the United States Department of Homeland Security which  focus on fraud and counterfeiting and the protection of the president and other high ranking officials

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