South African Homeland Ministers

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Southafrican "independent" Homelands
Only South Africa recognized the Homelands as independent. Apart from these "Independent" Homelands, there were 6 "Self Governing" Homelands: Gazankulu, Lebowa, KwaNabele, KaNgwane, Qwaqwa and KwaZulu, who are now parts of the Provinces of the Federation

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Republic of Transkei 1976-94 (female suffrage 1963)

1970-73 Minister of Education Dr. Princess Stella N. Sigcau
1973-78 Minister of the Interior, Industry, Trade and Tourism
1979-81 Minister of the Internal Affairs, Post and Telecommunication
1981-87 Minister of Post and Telecommunication
1987 Prime Minister (5.10.-30.12.87) In 1987 Leader Transkei National Independence Party, 1994-2006 Minister in the Government of South Africa for ANC, daughter of Chief Botha Jongilizwe Sigcau of East-Pontoland (1912-78) who was President of Transkei (1976-78). She lived (1937-2006)

1988-94 Minister of Health Prof. Marina Verena Nolwandelle Xaba-Mokoene

Republic of Bophuthatswana 1977-94 (Female suffrage 1971)

No female ministers

Republic of Venda 1979-94 (Female suffrage 1971)

1991-94 () Minister of Health Doris Mphephu
Widow of the late President Patrick Mphephu. Former Chief Nursing Officer of the Republic of Venda. She was killed in a car-accident. (d. 1994).

Republic of Ciskei 1981-94 (Female suffrage 1971)

Around 1985 Chief of Protocol in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs C.P. Maqubela


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