Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership

This site is put together from a great number of sources. Government Directories and Almanacs, Who is Who's and other biographical sources, The Historical Dictionary of Afganistan...Zimbabwe together with other historical books on various countries.

In later years an important source is the government web-pages on the Internet. See Links.  

Many information I have compiled from an extensive internet-search from pages where the information about the female power-holders is not the main issue. The internet is a non-consistent source and therefore one can do a search to check my information

The main sources are:

State-Men's Yearbook from 1918 onwards
Keesings Record of World Events from 1939 onwards (With different titles trough the years)
The Commonwealth Yearbook 1951-92 (With different titles trough the years)
The Europe World Yearbook from 1959 onwards
The International Yearbook and Statemen's Who's Who 1959 onwards

The Almanac of Women's and Minorities in American Politic by Mart Martin
The Almanac of Women and Minorities in World Politics by Mart Martin

A major source for the information about Heads of State is
Regents of nations : systematic chronology of states and their political representatives in past and present : a biographical reference book = Regenten der Nationen, 1-4 by Peter Truhart

Sources for Cyprus

De Collenberg, Rudt, The Rupenides, Hethumides and Lusignans, Parism 1963
Gauci, Charles A., Count (Genealogical tables)
Newman, P., A Short History of Cyprus, Longmans, Green & Co, London 1940
 Pavlides, Andros, I Istoria tis Nesou Kyprou (The History of the Island of
Cyprus), (encyclopedia) 
Setton, History of the Crusades

Other sources

 "Eleanor of Provence: Queenship in Thirteenth-Century England", Margaret Howell, Oxford 1998

"Queenship in Europe 1660-1815 ; the role of the consort", edited by Clarissa Campbell Orr, Cambridge  2004



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