Somalia Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
The Democratic Republic of Somalia/ Jamhuuriyadda Diimoqraadiga ee Soomaaliya (Female suffrage 1956) 1887-1960 British Protectorate of Somaliland under United Nations Trusteeship in 1950 before independence 1960.

Circa 1974-1982 Assistant Minister of Education Fadumo Ahmed Alin

1983-Circa 86 Assistant Minister of Health Rahiya Haji Dualeh (Raqiya Doaleh Abdalla)

1994 Minister of Health Nur Ilmi Uthman

2000-02 Minister of State in the Office of the Interim Premier Minister Kadijah Osobleh Ali

2001-02 Deputy Minister of Labor, Sports and Social Affairs Asha Ahmed Abdalla
2002 Minister of State of Demobilization, Disarmament, Reintegration and Disable Care
2002-03 Minister of Demobilization, Disarmament, Reintegration and Disable Care
In 2000 she returned from USA and became Member of the Somali National Assembly and Delegate in the Arta Peace process for Somalia, 2002-03 Delegate to the Somali National Peace and Reconciliation Conference 2002-03. In 2004 she put her name forward as Presidential Candidate but withdrew before the election by the Transitional Parliament In 2003 Fawziya Yussuf Haji Adam had attempted to register as an independent candidate but was rejected. Asha is mother of three children. (b. 1958-).

2002-04 Minister of Women’s and Family Affairs Dr Saynab Aways Husayn
Another version of her name is Aweys Hussein Saynab

2004-07 Minister of Gender and Family Affairs Fawzia Muhammad Shayka
Other versions of her name are Fowsiyo or Fowsiiya Mohamed Sheikh Hussein. She was reappointed in 2005. The 91 members (Ministers, Assistant Ministers and Ministers ofState) of cabinet resides in Nairobi because Somaila is still too dangerous.

2005-07 Assistant Minister for Folklore and Cultural Affairs Khadija Maxamed Diiriye
2007-08 Secretary of State of Information
2008-11 Minister of Animal Resources, Fisheries and Environment and Minister of Women's Promotion and Family Affairs
Another version of her name  is Khadjia Mohammed Diriye.

2005-08 Assistant Minister of Gender and Family Affairs Sahra Abdulqadir Abdirahman

2005-08 Assistant Minister of Regional Cooperation Deeqa Jama Jibril

2005-08 Assistant Minister of Internal Affairs Fahmo Ahmed Nuur
2008-12 Secretary of State of Interior and Security
2012-14 Deputy Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs
2014- Deputy Minister of Finance

Around 2010- Deputy Minister of Health Nimo Hussein Qawdhan

2011-12 Minister of Women and Family Affairs Asha Osman Aqil

2012-14 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Fowsiyo Yusuf Hajji Adan

2012-14 Minister of  Human Development and Public Services Maryam Kassim
Her name is also transribed as
Mariam Qasim 

2014- Minister of Women´s Affairs Khadijo Mohamed Diriye
2014-15 Minister of Human Rights
2015- Minister of Family Affairs

2014- Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction Nadifo Mohamed Osman

2014- Deputy Minister of Natural Resources
Saida Hasan Isman

2015- Deputy Minister for Commerce and Industry Sa’adiya Araay Isse

2015- Deputy Minister for Women and Family Affairs Mumina Shekh

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