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Sierra Leone Heads

Also see Sierra Leone Ministers

Around 1550s Paramount Chieftainess Borkia of Mambolo

Around 1550s Paramount Chieftainess Baimba Mariama Kallay of Mongo

Until 1604 Paramount Chiefess Fatima I of Bullom

From 1606 Paramount Chiefess Fatima II of Bullom

18... Paramount Chieftainess of Gbo

1826-40 Queen Fatima Brima Kama Alikali of Konya-Teme

1853-1912 Chieftainess Mamie Kanda of Bagbwe

1878-1908 Queen Madam Yoko of Kpaa Mende and Seneghum,

1897-? Paramount Chieftess Nancy Tucker of Bagruwa

1898-1909 Paramount Chief Sophia Neale-Caulker of Shenge in the Kagboro District (Sierra Leone)

1898-1900 Queen Madam Matolo of Nongowa and Panguma

1901-27 Paramount Chief Fangawa of Wanda

1908-18 Paramount Chiefess Madam Humonya of Nongowa and Panguma

(In the period 1914-70 10 of 146 paramount chiefs were women)

1951- Paramount Chief Madam Tity Messi of Kwameba Krim

1953-67 and 1992-2006 Paramount Chiefess Madam Ella Koblo Gulama of Kaiyamban

1961-71 Elizabeth the Second, Queen of PSierra LeoneP and of Her Other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth (27.04-19.04)
Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1952

1961-99 Paramount Chief Madam Honoraia Bailor Caulker of Kagboro

Around 1963 Paramount Chiefess Madam Boi Sei Kenja III of Imperi

Around 1963 Paramount Chiefess Madam Kadiyatta Gata of Jong

1963-83 Paramount Chiefess Madam Boi Sei Kenja III of Imperi

Around 1963 Paramount Chiefess Madam Tiange Gbatekaka of Gaura

Circa 1963-96 Paramount Chiefess Madam Benya of Small Bo

Around 1963 Paramount Chiefess Madam Mammawa Sama of Tunika

1969- Paramount Chief Theresa Vibbi of Kandu Leppiama

1973- Paramount Chief Madam Sallay Hendem of Maleohun

1983- Paramount Chief Madam Hawa Kpangboam Sokan IV of Imperri

1983- Paramount Chief Madam Mamie G. Gamanga II of Simbaru

1983- Paramount Chief Madam Edna Fawundu of Mano Sakrim

1983- Paramount Chief Madam Matu Yimbo of Timadale

Around 1991-93 Paraomount Chieftaines Sufi Nail of Niawa Lenga

Until 1997 Paramount Chief Fayia Moriu Jabba III of Kissi Kama   

Circa 1998-2009 Paramount Chief Madam Margaret Thompson Seibureh IV of Bum

Until 2002 Paramount Chief Madam Veronica Ndawama of Valunia

2002- Paramount Chief Haja Mariam Gassama Kanja of Gorama Menda

2002- Paramount Chief Haja Fatmata Bintu Koroma Meama-Kajue Kaine of Dasse

2003- Paramount Chief Janet Elizabeth Boi Tiffa of Kwamabai Krim and Yawei

2003- Paramount Chief Haja Miatta Sogual Koroma of Kpeje West

2003- Paramount Chief Madam Haja Miatta Songua Kromoa of Pejeh (Futa Pejeh)

2004 Acting Head of State Elizabeth Alpha Lavalie of Sierra Leone
As Deputy Speaker of the Parliament since 2002, she Acted as Head of State as both the President, Vice President, Parliamentary Speaker and the Chief Justice were out of the country.

2005- Paramount Chief Madam M.F. Gberi IV of Kpanda Kemo

Until 2006 Paramount Chief Madam Bendu Brima Sowa of Sowa

Until 2008 Paramount Chief Hana Yamba Ngokowa of Selenga

2009- Paramount Chief Deborah Sudie Quee III of Kowa

2009- Paramount Chief Madam Ruth Tutu Songha II of Gbo

2010- Paramount Chief Doris Gbabiyor Caulker II of Kagboro

2011- Acting Chief Sirah Bala Kamara of Folosaba Dembelia



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