Seychelles Ministers

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Republic of the Seychelles, Ribiblik Sihel
(Limited suffrage 1948 and Universal Suffrage 1967) French Territory 1756-94 then it changed hands several times before becoming a British Colony in 1814, until 1903 with Mauritius, it became an independent republic 1976.

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1986-90 Minister of Home Affairs Rita Sinon

1989-92 Minister of External Affairs and Planning Danielle de St. Jorre
1992-97 Minister of Foreign Affairs and Planning
Minister of Environment
Undersecretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Planning
1987-89. Danielle Marie-Madeleine Jorre de Saint Jorre d'Offay lived (1941-97)

1989-93 Minister of Information, Culture and Youth Sylvette Frichot Pool
1992-93 Minister of Local Government and Sport
1993-94 Minister of Education and Sport
1994-2006 Minister of Local Government, Culture, Sports and Youth, and Responsible for the
Minister for the Arts, Culture and Sports
Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Political Organizations 1977-78, Secretary for Information and Culture on the Seychelles People's United Party 1978-85, 1985-89 Central Committee Member, 1992-93 Chairperson of the Women's Wing and for some years also Chief Coordinator of the Seychelles People’s Progressive Front, SPPF (The new name of the party after the reintroduction of a multi-party system). (b. 1945-)

1990-93 Minister of Education Simone Testa de Commarmond
1993-96 Minister of Transport
2004 Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation

1998-2001 Minister of Economic Planning, Information and Environment Noellie Alexander
8-2005 Minister of Administration and Manpower
Director General for Public Administration 1997-98. Ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 2006, High Commissioner to South Africa from 2007. Unmarried and mother of one son.

2006-12 Minister of  Employment and Human Resources MacSuzy Mondon
2010-16 Minister of Education
2016- Designated Minister (Third in the cabinet)
Former long time Principal secretary of Education and Human Resources Development. As Designated Minister she is Second Deputy Head of State, designated to act if the President and Vice-President are unable.

2006-10 Minister of Social Affairs and Health Marie Pierre Lloyd
Ambassador for Women and Children from 2010.

2010-12 Minister of Health Erna Athanasius

2011-16 Leader of Government Busines in the National Assembly Marie-Antoinette Rose

2012-16 Minister of Health Mitcy Larue
2016- Minister of Internal Affairs

2012-16 Minister of Labour and Human Resources Development Idith Alexander
2016- Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture

2016- Secretary of State for Presidential Affairs Aude Labaleine

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