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Serbia Parliament

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1944 Presided over a sitting of the of the Great Anti-fascist People's Liberation Assembly of Serbia Milka Minić (12.11)

1963-65 Chairperson of the Chamber of Social Security and Health Perka Vitorović

1982-84 Deputy Chairperson of the Skupština Zlatija Djukic-Veljović

2001-04 President of the Skupština Natasa Micic
Acting President of Serbia 2002-03. (b.1965-)

2001-04 4. Vice-President of the Skupština Gordana Čomić
2008-12 4. Vice-President
2012- 1. Vice-President
Chairman of the opposition parties deputies group 1996-2000, Vice-President of the Vojvodina Parliament 2000-02, also Vice President of the Democratic Party's regional board for Vojvodina and a member of the party's Presidium. (b. 1958-).

2007-08 President-By-Age and Temporay Chairperson of the Skupština Borka Vučić
2007 Temporary Speaker (14.02-08.05)
Federal Minister for Relations with International Financial Institutions of Serbia-Montenegro 1999-2000, she was leader of the parliament (with the title of Chairperson) as it was unable to elect a permanent president. She lived (1926-2009).

2007-14 1. Vice-President of the Skupština Nataša Jovanović
(b. 1966-)

2008-12 President of the Skupština Slavica Đukić-Dejanović
Dukic-Dejanovic is Vice-President of the Socijalističke partije Srbije, and Acting President of the Republic from 5. April 2012. Minister of Health 2012-14 and appointed Minister without Portfolio in 2016.

2008-12 6. Vice-President of the Skupština Judita Popović
In the Bureau of the Parliament there are 3 female and 3 male vice-presidents.

2012-14 4. Vice-President of the Skupština Vesna Kovač

2012- Secretary General of the Skupština Jana Ljubičić

2014- President of the Skupština Maja Gojković
Vice-Chairperson of the Yoguslav Chamber of Citizens 1993-94, Serbian Minister without Portfolio 1998-99, Vice-President of the Government of Yugoslavia 1999-2000, Mayor of Novi Sad 2004-08, Secretary General and Vice-President of the Serbian Radical Party until 2006, Chairperson of her own party "Grupa Građana - Maja Gojković" 2008 and later joined the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (b. 1963-)

2014-16 4. Vice-President of the Skupštin Gordana Čomić
2016- 6. Vice-President

2016- 5. Vice-President Vjerica Radeta

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