Senegal Ministers

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République du Sénégal/Sounouga
l/Republic of Senegal (Female Suffrage 1945) 1958 Autonomous Republic within the French Community, independent 1960

Also see Senegal Parliament

1978-81 Minister of Social Affairs Caroline Faye Diop
1981-83 Minister-Delegate by the Premier Minister
1982-83 Minister of State (Third in Cabinet)
Deputy President of the National Assembly
1971-circa 84

1978-83 Secretary of State by Premier Minister Maimouana Kane
1982-83 Secretary of State of Social Development
1983-87 Minister of Social Affairs

1982-83 Chief of Special Secretariat of the President Raymonde Konte

1982-83 Special Secretary of the Premier Minister Mme. Raymond Mbengue
The Special Secretaries were second in command in the Ministry.

1982-83 Special Secretary of Foreign Affairs Mme. Diop

1982-83 Special Secretary of the Armed Forces Oulimata Mbaye

1982-83 Special Secretary of the Interior Mme. Mbaye

1982-83 Special Secretary of Justice and Keeper of the Seals Mme. Cartal

1982-83 Special Secretary of Economy and Finance Berthe Lopez Sane

1982-83 Special Secretary of Hydraulics Mme. Thibaut

1982-83 Special Secretary of Industrial Development, Crafts, Science, Mines and Geology
Mme. Sy

1982-83 Special Secretary of Culture Mme. Diop

1982-83 Special Secretary of Urban Affairs, Housing and Environment Oumou Deme

1982-83 Special Secretary of Health Mme. Digane

1982-83 Special Secretary of Equipment Mme. Diop

1982-83 Special Secretary of Social Welfare Khadiatou Dieye

1982-83 Special Secretary of Human Development Khady Ndongo Diallo

1982-83 Special Secretary of Marine Fishing Mme. Kebe

1982-83 Special Secretary of Scientific and Technical Research Antoniette Faye

1982-83 Special Secretary of The Economic and Social Council Mme. Diop

1982-83 Special Secretary of Tourism Mme. Cissé

1982-83 Special Secretary of Water and Forests Diahki Tall

1982-83 Special Secretary of Youth and Sport Suzanne Diop

1983-88 Minister of Immigration Fambay Fall Diop

1983-87 Secretary of State of Technology and Professional Education
1987 Minister of Health Marie Sarr Mbodj

1987-88 Minister of Social Affairs Matoulaye Guène

1988-92 Minister of Health Therese King

1988-91 Minister of Social Affairs Ndioro Ndiaye
1991-93 Vice-Minister of Women's Affairs
1993-95 Minister of Women, Children and Family

1988-91 Vice-Minister by the President for Immigration Ndongo Dieng

1991-92 Vice-Minister by the President for Immigration Mata Sy Dallo
1992 Minister of Senegalese Abroad and Immigration
2012- Minister of Commerce, Industry and Artisans
Vice-President of the Assemblée Natonale circa 1995-2001 and former President of the Regional Council of Kaolack

1991-92 Minister-Delegate of Education Aminata Tall Sall
1995-97 Minister-Delegate of Technical Education and Professional Training
1998-2000 Minister of Communication
2000-01 Minister of Family and National Solidarity
2001-02 Minister of Social Development and National Solidarity
2004-07 Minister of State and Minister of Local Collecivities and Decentralisation
2009-10 and 2012- Minister of State and Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic

Between 1993-95 Member of the Bureau of National Assembly and High Court Judge.

1993-95 Minister of Culture Houra (Awa Ba) Dia Thiam
2000-01 Minister Charged with Relations with the Institutions (Assemblies)

1995 Minister of Women, Child, Familiy and Welfare Mame Bassine Niang

1995-2000 Minister of Women, Child, Family and Welfare Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye
2000 Minister of Social Solidarity and Development
2012- Minister of Cattle
and Animal Production
Between 1988-95 Chargée de Mission in the Cabinet of the President, since 1997 Mayor of Louga. (b. 1951-)

1995-98 Minister of Scientific Research and Technology Dr. Marie-Louise Coréa
1998-2000 Minister of Employment and Labour
Former Director of the Minister of Civil Service.

1998-2000 Minister-Delegate in the Premier Ministers Office in charge of African Economic Integration Abibatou Mbaye

1998-2000 Minister-Delegate in the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Planning in charge of Budget Aïssatou Niang Ndaiye
2014- Minister of Cattle and Animal Productions

2000-01 Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals Mame Madior Boye
2001-02 Premier Minister (3/3-4/11)
2002 Minister of Defence
She had a long career behind her as Magistrate (judge) before her appointment to the Cabinet.

2000-01 Minister of Territorial Planning and Decentralization Khady Fall Diallo

2000-01 Minister of National Education, Technical Education and Vocational Training Marie Lucienne Tissa Mbengue

2000-01 Minister-Delegate to the Minister of Family Affairs and National Solidarity in charge of Infant Affairs
04 Minister of Small Children
04 Minister of Family 
04 Minister of National Solidarity
2004-05 Minister of Commerce Awa Guèye Kébé

04 Adjunct Secretary General of the Government Suzanne Texerra

2001-04 Minister of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Trade Aïcha Agne Pouye

2001-03 Minister of Health Awa Marie Coll-Seck
2012- Minister of Health and Social Action
2014- Second in the Cabinet

2001-02 Minister of Culture Ronda Mbow

2001-03 Minister-Delegate of Local Communities at the Ministry of Interior Thiéwo Cissé Doucoure

03 Minister of Female Entrepreneurship and Microcredits Sooudatou Ndiaye Seck
Former Presidential Councillor.

2002-04 Minister of Social Development Maimouna Sourang Ndir
2007-10 Minister of Public Hygiene and Living Environment

2002-07 Minister of Decentralized Cooperation and Regional Planning Soukeyna Ndiaye Bâ

2002-04 Minister-Delegate for Pre-Scholar Education and Small Children Ndèye Khady Diop
2009-12 Minister of State and Minister of Family
2009-10 Minister of National Solidarity, Food Security, Women's Entrepreneurship, Microfinance and the Infancy
2010-12 Minister of Women's Groups and the Early Childhood

2003-07 Minister of Culture and National Heritage Saphiétou Ndiaye Diop

2002-07 Minister of Female Entrepreneurship and Microcredits Ddiaye Maïmouna Sourang Ndir
2004-07 Minister of Small and Medium-Sized Entreprses (PME)

2004-07 Minister of Family, Social Development and National Solidarity Aïssatou Mbodj
Vice-President of the National Assembly from 2007.

2004 Minister of Health Aminata Diallo
Secretary of the National Assembly from 2007.

2005-12 Minister of Livestock Oumou Khaïry Guèye Seck

2005 Minister of In charge of the Institutions Binéta Samb Ba
2005-07 Minister of Industry

2005-07 Minister of in charge of the Relations with the Institutions Awa Fall Diop
Secretary of the National Assembly 2000-01 and Questeur 2001-05 and again from 2007.

2007-09 Minister of Family, Female Entrepreneurship and Microcredits Awa Ndiaye
Minister of State, Minister of Gender and Relations with Foreign and African Women's Assocciations

2007-09 Minister of Telecommunication and Post Sophie Gladima Siby

2007-10 Minister of Scientific Research Yaye Kène Gassama Dia

2007-09 Minister of National Solidarity Fatou Bintou Taya Ndiaye

2007-09 Minister of Civil Service, Labour and the Professional Organisations Innocence Ntap
2010-12 Minister of State, Minister of Labour and Professional Organisations

2007-09 Minister of Competitivenes and Good Governance Fatou Danielle Diagne

2007-09 Minister of Senegalese Abroad Aminata Lô
Minister charged with the Relations with the Institutions

2007-09 Minister of Tourism Fatou Gassama

2007-09 Minister Delegate by the Minister of Rural Development and Agriculture, charged with Rural Development
2009-10 Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Fatou Gaye Sar

2009-10 Minister of Health, Prevention and Public Hygiene Thérèse Coumba Diop
2010-12 Minister of Social Action and International Solidarity

2009-10 Minister of Alimentary Transformation and Agricultural Products Aïda Mbodj

2010-2 Minister of Land and Railway Transportation Nafy Diouf Ngom

2010-12 Minister of Women's Entrepreneurship and Micro-Finance Seynabou Ly Mbacké

2010-12 Minister of Technologies, Information and Communication Fatou Blondin Ndiaye Diop

2010-12 Minister of Public Hygiene and the
Living Environment Khady Mbow

2010- 12 Minister-Delegate of International Cooperation and charged with Decentralised Cooperation Astou Guèye

2010-12 Minister-Delegate of Justice charged with Human Rights Safiatou Sy

2012-14 Minister of Urban Affairs and Housing Khoudia Mbaye
2014- Minister for Promotion of Investments, Partnerships and the Development of the State Teleservices

2012-13 Minister of Justice and Guardian af the Seals Aminata Touré (Third in the Cabinet)
2013-14 Prime Minister
Chair of the Electoral Campaign of Landing Savané in 1993, worked in various international organisaitons among others as head of the Human Rights Department of the UN Population Fond and Director of the Cabinet of President Macky Sall 2010-12.

2012- Minister of Women, Family, Children and Women's Entrepreneurship Mariama Sarr

2012-13 Minister-Delegate of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad, charged with Senegalese Abroad Seynabou Gaye Toure

2013- Minister of Energy Maimouna Ndoye Seck
2014- Minister of Development of Renewal Energy

2013-14 Minister of Higher Education and Research Mary Teuw Niane

2014- Minister of Pulblic Works, Rationalisation and Reform of the Civil Service
Viviane Laure Elisabeth Bampassy

2014- Minister-Delegate at the Minister of Urban Renovation, Housing and Well-Being charged with the restauration and the Requalification of the Suburbs  Fatou Tambedou



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