São Tomé e Príncipé Ministers

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Republic of São Tomé e Príncip
(Female Suffrage 1975) The former Portuguese Colony became independent 1975, and was a socialist one-party-state until 1992

Also see Sao Tome Parliament

1975-78 Minister of Culture and Education Alda Neves da Graça do Espirito Santo
1978-80  Minister of Information and Social Affairs
Also known as Alda do Espírito Santo or Alda Graça, she fought in the independence war and was a acclaimed poet. As President of the National Assembly 1980-91 she was Deputy Head of State. She lived (1926-2010)

1975-82 Secretary of the Politburo and Asembleia Popular
1980 Minister of Health
1980-93 Minister of Information and Mass-Culture Maria do Rosario Lima Neto Alfonso de Barros

1978-85 Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria do Nascimenta Graça Amorin
1984-96 Member of the Politburo
Ambassador to France and Portugal 1975-78.

1975-84 (†) Member of the Politburo Alexandrina de Barros Lima

1984-87 Minister of Culture and Education Ligia do Espirito Santo Costa
1989-91 Minister of Culture

1991-92 Minister of Foreign Affairs Alda Bandeira Tavares Vaz da Conçeicão
1992-93 Minister of Co-operation
1996 Presidential Candidate
2002 Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (Third in Cabinet)
Married to Noberto Costa Alegre, Premier Minister (1992-94) and from 1998 President of Partido da convergência democrátca-grupo de reflexão (PCD-GR). (b. 1949-)

1991-94 Minister of Health Dulce da Concieção Silva Fernandes Bragança Gomes

1992-94 Deputy Minister of Education and Culture Ligia do Espirito Silva Graça do Espirito Santo Costa

1996-97 Minister of Health, Family and Women’s Status Maria Fernanda Roncon de Azevedo
(b. 1960-).

1999-2001 Minister of Economics, Agriculture, Fisheries, Commerce and Tourism
2001-02 Minister of Finance 
2002 Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism
2002-03 and 2003-
04 Prime Minister Maria das Neves Ceita Baptista de Sousa 
On the 16th of July the government was deposed by a military coup but it was reinstated on the 23rd.
The follwoing year Maria das Neves was dismissed after a
ccusations of corruption. Vice-President of the Parlament since 2010 and Presidential Candidate in 2011 and 2016.

2001-02 Minister of Education, Culture and Sport Armanda das Neves José da Cunha Rita Coelho

2002-03 and 2003 Minister of Planning and Finance Maria dos Santos Lima da Costa Tebus Torres
2006-07 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Planning
Former civil servant and advisor in the Ministry. (b. 1958-)

2002 Minister of Justice, State Reform, and Public Administration Alda Alves de Melo dos Santos (Second in Cabinet)
Known as Alda Melo
and later Ambassador to Italy, the Vatican etc.

2002-03 and 2003 Minister of Education, Culture and Sport Maria Fernanda Pontífice de Jesus Bonfim
Advisor in various ministries and professor. (b. 1955-).

2002-03 and 2003-04 Minister of Health Dr. Claudina Augusto da Cruz (Third in Cabinet)

2002-03 and 2003-04 Secretary of State of Reform of the State and Public Administration
2004-08 Minister of Justice
2004-05 Minister of Public Administration and Parliamentary Affairs
2008-10 Minister of Defence
2010 Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Elsa Maria Neto D’Alva Texeira de Barros Pinto
Normally known as Elsa Texeira Pinto
or Elsa Pinto, she was Presidential in 2011.

2004-06 Secretary of State of Public Administration and Parliamentary Affairs
Célia Costa Pósser

2005-06 Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Planning Maria do Carmo Trovoada Pires de Carvalho Silveira
Normally known as Maria do Carmo
Trovoada Silveira, she was Governor of the National Bank 2002-05 and member of the Political Bureau of  the Movement for the Liberation of Sao Tomé-Social Democratic Party, MLSTP-PSD (b. 1961-).

2006-07 Minister of Economy Cristina Maria Fernandes Dias
2009-10 Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment


2006-07 Minister of Labour, Solidarity, Women and Family Maria de Cristo Hilário dos Santos Raposo Costa de Carvalho
2008 Minister Public Administration, State Reform and Territorial Administration
2008-10 Minister of Communication, Youth and Sport
Normally known as Maria de Cristo de Carvalho


2006-08 Minister of the Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Maria de Fátima Leite de Sousa Almeida

2007-08 Minister of Economy Valdimira Da Silva Tavares
2008 Minister of Agriculture and Regional Development
Member of MDFM
2007-08 Minister of the Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Mariana Ruth Sá Menezes Leal
Member of MDFM, normally known as Ruth Leal.

2008-10 Minister of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family
Maria Tomé Ferreira d’ Araújo

2008-10 Minister of Finance Ângela Maria da Graça Viegas Santiago

2010-12 Minister of Health and Social Affairs Ângela dos Santos Ramos José da Costa

2012-14 Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Communities Natália Pedro da Costa Umbelina Neto
Natália Umbelina formerly held the position of Secretary of the Regional Government of the Island of Príncipe for Social Affairs

2012-14 Minister of Justice, Public Administration and Parliamentary Affairs Edite Ramos da Costa Tenjua

2014- Minister of Health Maria de Jesus Trovoada dos Santos

2016- Minister of Justice, Public Administration and Human Rights Ilza Amado Vaz


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