Rwanda Party Leaders

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Party Leaders of Rwanda
     (Female Suffrage 1961)
Former German Colony, 1922-46 Leauge of Nations’ Mandate Territory and United Nations Trust Territory 1946-61 under the name of Rwanda-Urundi, Autonomy 1961, and, independent Monarchy 1962 and a Republic since 1966.

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2000- President of the Republican Rally for Democracy in Rwanda (RDR) Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza
2006- Leader of the United Democratic Front-INKINGI (coalition of the RDR, l’Alliance Démocratique Rwandaise and Forces de Résistance pour la Démocratie)
Presidential Candidate in 2010. (b. 1968-)

Circa 2003- Leader of Party for Progress and Concord Alivera Mukabaramba
Until 2010 Vice-Spokesperson of Forum for Political Parties (FFPP).

Former MP, she withdrew her name from the list of presidential candidates in the 2003-presidential elections and at present Senator.

Before 2010- Cairperson of the Parti de la Solidarite' et du Progres Phoebe Kanyange
2010- Spokesperson of Forum for Political Parties (FFPP). Vice-Spokesperson is Christine Mukabunani


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