Rwanda Heads

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Heads of State of Rwanda/République Rwandaise/Republika y'u Rwanda
(Female Suffrage 1961)
Former German Colony, 1922-46 Leauge of Nations’ Mandate Territory and United Nations Trust Territory 1946-61 under the name of Rwanda-Urundi, Autonomy 1961, and, independent Monarchy 1962 and a Republic since 1966.

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1845-50 (?) Politically Influential Umugabekazi Queen Nyiramongi
The wife of king Yuhi III and mother of king Mutara II. She was murdered by her brother.

1867-late 1876/1877 Politically Influential Reigning Umugabekazi Queen Murorunkwere
Married to king Mutara II and the mother of king Kigeri Rwabugiri.

1895-96 Reigning Umugabekazi Nyirauhi V Kanjogera
1896-circa 1916 Regent
1916-31 Reigning Umugabekazi
She became Umugabekazi (Queen Mother) by the death of her husband King Kigeri IV Rwabigi and twice acted as regent for her son Yuhi V wa Musinga (1896-31).

1931 Reigning Umugabekazi Nyiaranauugo III Kankazi (12.11-16.11)
She became Umugabekazi (Queen Mother) by the death of her husband Yuhi V.

1978-94 Politically Influential Agathe Habyarimana
She was very influential during teure of her husband, Juvenal Habyarimana. A number of her brothers were place in important positions.

2008- Second Deputy Head of State, Chamber of Deputies Rose Mukantabana


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