Woman Chiefs of Police

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership


2000-11 Chief of Police Ingelin Killengreen, Norway

She worked in the Ministry of Justice 1972-94, before becoming Chief of Police of Oslo 1994-2000 with title of Politimester until 2004 and then PolitidirektÝr. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Supply, Administration and Church Affairs 2011-13 and appointed Director of the Directorate for Supply and IKT in 2013. (b. 1947-).

2006- Fist Commander and Director General Police Aminta Granera Sacasa, Nicuragua

Worked with the Ministry of Interior until 1990 when she joined the police force. (b. 1953-)

2006-2012 Police Director of the National Police Beatrice Munah Sieh, Liberia

She is a former ong time Riot Control officer and former Deputy Director for Operations of the Liberia National Police and amember of the International Association of Chiefs of Police for a little over 10 years. Also previously served as chief of the Uniformed Traffic Violation Ticketing System. In 2012 she was indigted on charges of corruption.

2006-?  Acting Director of the National Security Office Zdenka JuzlovŠ, The Czech Republic

Zdeňka JůzlovŠ, was the Deputy Director.

2008-09 Acting Commissioner General of the National Police Mary Gahonzire, Rwanda

Deputy Commissioner General of the Rwandan Police force from 2004. Later Commissioner General of Prisons.

2008-09 Director of the National Police Marlene Raquel Blanco Lapola, Guatemala

Worked with the police from 1986. Vice-Minister of Communities from 2009-12, when she was arrested for allegedly running a death squad that tortured and murdered people suspected of extorting and murdering bus drivers. (b. 1966-).

2009 Acting Inspector-General of Police Elizabeth Mills-Robertson, Ghana

As Deputy Inspector General she took over when her predecessor was dismissed. Ambassador from 2009.

2012- National Police Commissioner  Mangwashi Victoria Phiyega, South Africa
Normally known as Riah Phiyega, she was a business woman who headed a number of government committees prior to her appointment.

2012- Secretary-General of the Federal Police Catherine De Bolle, Belgium
Former of the Police Zone Ninove (b. 1970-)

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