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1922 Secretary of the Sejm Halina Felicja Steslicka (November-December)
A member of the Christian Democrats she was one of two secretaries, she lived (1897-1957).

-35 Secretary of the Sejm Halina Helena Jaroszewiczowa
-38 Secretary of the Senat
A member of the BBWR, she was one of nine secretaries of the Sejm and one of six of the Senate. She lived (1892-1940)

-35 Secretary of the Senat Hanna Hubicka
A member of the BBWR, she lived  (1889-1942).

1930-35 Member of the Presidium and Chairperson of the Education Committee in Sejm Maria Jaworska
Chairperson of the Education Commitee.


1935-38 Secretary of the Presidium of Sejm and Senat Halina Jaroszewiczowa

1957-61 Secretary of the Sejm dr.iur Maria Regent-Lechowicz
In 1978-82 Undersecretary of Justice

1971-85 1. Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Halina Skibniewska
Non-partisan. (1921-)

1985-88 Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Jadwiga Biedrzycka
Member of the Polish United Worker's Party (PZPR). 1986 Deputy Group Chairperson of PZPR in 1986. (1945-)

1988-89 Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Elżbieta Łucja Gacek
Member of the Polish United Worker's Party (PZPR). (1938-)

1989-91 Vice-Marshall of the Senate Zofia Kuratowska
1993-97 Vice-Marshall

1989-1991 Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Olga Krzyżanowska
1993-97 Vice-Marshall

1989-1991 Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Teresa Dobielińska-Eliszewska
Member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Democratic Party (Stronnictwo Demokratyczne) 1989-91 (1941-)

1992-93 Vice-Marshall of the Senate Prof. Alicja Grześkowiak
Marshall of the Senat
In 1992-97 Vice-President of the Klub of the Christian Democrats in the Senate. As President of the Senat she ranks third in the hierarchy after the State-President and Sejm-Marshall. (b. 1935-)

2001-05 Vice-Marshall of the Senate Jolanta Danielak

2006-07 Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Genowefa Wiśniowska
Vice-chairperson of the extremist Samoobrona RP from 2002.


2007-10 Vice-Marshall of the Senate Krystyna Bochenek
She was killed when the plane carrying the President of Poland crashed in Russia on 10. April with a high number of diginitaries. She lived (1953-2010)

2009-11 Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Ewa Kierzkowska

2010- Vice-Marschall of the Senate Grażyna Anna Sztark
Voivode of Koszalinski in 1998. (b.1954-)

2011-14 Marshall of the Sejm Ewa Kopacz
Member of the Sejm 2001-2005 and from 2011 for Platforma Obywatelsk, Minister of Helth 2007-11 and Prime Minister from 2014. (b. 1956-)

2011- Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Wanda Nowicka

MP for Palikot's Movement since 2011. Executive Director of the Polish Federation for Women and Family Planning; specialized in reproductive health and reproductive rights, co-founder and member of several other NGOs, member of WHO Gender Advisory Panel and UNFPA's NGO Advisory Committee. (b. 1956-)

2014- 1. Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Elżbieta Radziszewska
Former Under-Secretary of State in the Office of the Prime Minister.

2015 Marshall of the Sejm Małgorzata Kińdawa-Błońska
2015- Deputy Marshall
Government Spokesperson until 2015. She is a grand-granddaughter of Prime Minister Władysław Grabski and President Stanisław Wojciechowski.

2015 Senior Marshall of the Senate Barbara Borys-Damięcka (12.11)
Polish theatre and television director. Member of the Citizens Platform. Senator since 2007. As the oldest member of the Senate, she was appointed by the President to president to preside over the inagural session of the chamber.

2015- Deputy Marshal of the Senate Maria Koc

2015- Deputy Marshal of the Sejm Barbara Dolniak


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