Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Republic of the Philippines/ Repúblika ñg Filipinas
(Female Suffrage 1937) Spanish Rule till 1898, US-Rule 1898-1946, Independent 1946

Also see Philippine Ministers

1948-54 Commissioner of Social Welfare Asuncion Arnola Perez
1949-54 Cabinet Minister
Between 1941-44 Lieutenant Colonel in the resistance movement in Pacific War.

1954-55 Minister without Portfolio, Administrator of Welfare Pacita Madriga Warns
Between 1954-55 Member of Council of State, From 1955 Senator.

1957-61 Administrator of The Welfare Department Ampora Villamor

1961 Administrator of Social Welfare Tecla San-Andres Ziga

1972-78 Secretary of Social Affairs Estefania Aldaba-Lim

1975-77 Commissioner of National Integration Moma Sinsuat

1978-84 Secretary of Resettlement Imelda Ramúaldez Marcos
1978-83 Secretary of Ecology
1982-84 Member of Executive Council of Cabinet
1992 and 1998 Presidential Candidate
Between 1975-86 Governor of Manila, 1987-1993 Leader New Society Movement Party. Married to President Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled as a dictator for many years until 1987. (b. 1927-)

1978-86 Secretary of Social Affairs and Development Sylvia P. Montes

1986-92 Executive President and Head of the Cabinet Maria Corazón Cojuangco Aquino(25.2-30-6)
Leader of the opposition after the murder of her husband Ninoi Aquino in 1986, 1998 among the senior advisors of the new President Estrada. Born Maria Corazón Sumulong Cojungaco, and mother of 4 children. She lived (1933-2009)

1986-87 Secretary of Economic Planning Solita “Winnie” Collas-Monsod
1987-89 Cabinet Minister, Director General for the National Economic and Development Department.

1986-90 Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports Lourdes Sevilla Quisumbung
Between 1990-92 Ambassador and Secretary General of UNESCO National Commission in the Philippines and Member of the Executive Board in Paris.

1986-89? Secretary of Social Services Dr. Minita Pardo de Tavera

1986-89? Cabinet Minister, Head of President's Commission on Human Rights Mary Concepçion Bautista

1987-?90 Executive Secretary to President Luz Culta Reyes-Bakunawa
The executive secretary is the highest ranking secretary, the office is placed in the Office of the President. She later became member of the House of Representatives

1989-92 Secretary of Tourism
Narzalina Lim
Undersecretary of Tourism
1987-89 and 1993-98

1987-90 Chairperson of the Cabinet Commission of Immigration and Deportation Maria Defensor Santiago
Circa 1990 Undersecretary of Agricultural Reform 1992 and 1998 Presidential Candidate
Since 1991 Chairperson of People’s Reform Party

1992-92 Secretary of Labour Marie Nieves E. Confessor

1992-93 Cabinet Member and Presidential Spokesperson Anabella T. Abaya
Cabinet Member and Secretary of the President's Management Staff of the National Security Council

1992-95 Secretary of Social Welfare and Development Corazon Alma C. de Leon
Assistant Secretary of Social Welfare and Development 1987-92
and 1992 Undersecretary in the Department
and 1998 Secretary of Social Welfare and Development Lilian Laigo

1995 and 1996
Acting Secretary of Science and Technology Amelia C. Ancog
Assistant Secretary of Science and Technology 1987-1993
and 1993-2000 Undersecretary in the Department (b.1933-).

1996-98 and 1998-99 Secretary of Health Carmencita Reodica

1996 Acting Secretary of Tourism Evelyn B. Pantrig
Since around 1996 Undersecretary of Tourism

1996-98 Secretary of Tourism (Guiller)mina Gabor
Undersecretary of Tourism 1992-96

1996-98 Cabinet Member Amina Rasul-Bernado
1996-99 Presidential Advisor for Youth Affairs

Ca.1997-98 Chairperson and Director of the Economic Zone Authority Lilia B. de Lima

1998-2001 Executive Vice-President Gloria Macaraeg Macapagal-Arroyo
1998-2000  Secretary of Social Development and Welfare
2001- Executive President (20.01-)
2002 Minister of Foreign Affairs
2003 Minister of Defence
2003 Minister of Foreign Affairs
Gloria Arroyo was Senator 1992-98and 1987-89 Assistant Secretary of Trade and Industry 1989-92 Undersecretary of Trade and Industry (b. 1947-)

1998 and 2001- Secretary of Budget and Management Emilia T. Boncodin
Assistant Secretary of Budget and Management 1989-91
and 1991-98 Undersecretary in the Department

1998 Acting Secretary of Transportation and Communication Josefina Trinidad-Lichauco
Undersecretary of Transportation and Communication 1992-98
and 2000-01

1998-2000 Cabinet Secretary and Presidential Secretary Leonora Vazques-De Jesus
2000-01    Secretary of Housing
2001- Officer-in-Charge of the Housing and Urban Development Coordination Council
Resigned during the protests against President Estrada

2000-01 Secretary of Social Welfare Dulce Sasuinsag
Resigned during the protests against the regime of President Estrada in January 2001.

2001- Secretary of Social Welfare and Development Dinky Juliano-Soliman
Her full name is Corazon Julian N. Soliman

2001- Secretary of Labour and Employment Patricia Sto. Tomas  
She was Administrator of DOEA/DDLE 1982-87 and 1988
1987-88 Assistant Secretary of Education, Chairperson of the Civil Service Commission 1988-95.

2001 Acting Secretary of Tourism Ruth E. Layug
Assistant Secretary of Social Welfare and Development 1999-2000
and again from 2002. Assistant Secretary of Tourism 2000-02

04 Member of the Cabinet and Chief of Presidential Management Staff Victoria Garchitorena

2001-? Secretary General of the National Anti-Powerty Commission Teresita Ging Quintos Deles

2002-04 Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources Elisea G. Gozun
Assistant Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources 1990-91, From 1991-2002 Bebet Gozun, as she is also known, worked in various private companies. (b. 1952-)

2003-04 Secretary of Foreign Affairs Delia Domingo Albert
She has been a career diplomat since 1967 among others as Ambassador to Australia, Nauru, Tuvalu and Vanuatu and the ASEAN 2002-03 Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs for International Economic Relations.

2003- Secretary of Finance Juanita D. Amatong
Assistant Scretary of Finance 1986-92 and Undersecretary of Finance 1992-95 and 2001-03

2004 Acting Secretary of Justice Maria Mereditas N. Gutierrez
She was Undersecretary of Justice from before  2003.

2004- Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission Fe Barin
Former Chairperson of the
Energy Regulatory Commission

2004- Secretary General of the National Anti-Poverty Commission Imelda Nicolas



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