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Parliament of Peru

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Congreso (The directorate is elected in July)

1993-96 Member of the Directive Council of the Democratic Constitutient Congress
97 and 1998-99 3. Vice-President of the Congreso
2000-01 1. Vice-President s (July-July)
2000 Acting President (13.11-16.11)
2000 Acting President (22.11-5.12) Luz Salgado Rubianes de Parade
2016-16 President
Former Vice-minister and
became leader of Perú Posible in the Congress in 2000.

1995 President of the Preparatory Junta of the Cámara de Congreso (July)
1995-96 President of Congreso Dra. Martha Chávez Cósso de Ocamso
Former Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Chairman of the External Affairs Committee, she was suspended from the Congress 2002-05 due to an allegations that she had taken a bribe, Parliamentary Leader of Nueva Mayoría from 2005 and Presidential Candidate in 2006.

1996-97 2. Vice-President Martha Luz Hildebrandt Peréz Treviño
1999-2000 President of the Congreso
She was re-elected as President in July 2000 and all three vice-Presidents were female. In November she was removed from office because she was a close alley of President Fujimori

1997-98 1. Vice-President Mg. Edith Angeléca Mella do Céspedes
1998 Acting President of Congreso
She was acting President most of the year because the President, Carols Torres y Torres-Lara, was treated abroad for an illness (he died in July 2000)

1997-98 3. Vice-President Aurora de Jesús Terrejon Riva de Chincha

2000 2. Vice-President Marianella Monsalve Aita

2000 3. Vice-President María Jesús Espinoza Mota

2001 Presided over the election of the Mesa Directiva Anel Townsend Diez Canseco
Ana Elena was Minister of Women's Affairs and Development
in 2003.

2002-03 2. Vice-President Mercedes Cabanillas Bustamente de Llanos De la Mata
2006-07 President
Member of the Congress 1985-87, Minister of Education 1987-89 and 1989-90, Candidate for the Mayorship of Lima 1989, from 1992 Deputy Secretary and since 2000 Co-spokesperson in the Congreso of the Socialist Party. Senator 1990-92, Presidential Candidate 1995 (Came in third), member of the Congreso from 2000 and Minister of Interior in 2009. (b. 1947-)

2004-05 2. Vice-President Judith De La Mata Fernández de Puente

2006-07 2. Vice-President Fabiola Morales
2008-09 3. Vice-President

2006-07 3. Vice-President Luisa María Cuculiza

2010-11 2. Vice-President Alda Mirta Lazo Ríos de Hornung

2014- President Ana María Solorzano

2014-15 Vice-President Esther Yovana Capuñay Quispe

2016-17 1. Vice-President Bartra Barriga Rosa María


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