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Heads of State of Peru
(Female Suffrage 1955) Independent 1821

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According to the constitution the President of the Congreso acts as Head of State if both the President and the two Vice-Presidents are unable to perform their duties.. In the case this happens the President of Congreso has to call for immediate elections

Circa 1380-1410 Inca Yaguar Guacac Yupanqui (Mayta Yupanqui)
She succeeded her father Inca Roca.

1560-1600 Lady Doña Beatriz Clara Cova-Inca of Valle de Yucay
Only daughter and heir of the last Inca of Peru, Sayri Tupac and her possessions were administered by various Spanish guardians and she was placed in a convent, until her mother, Princess María Manrique Cusi Huarcay (circa 1531-after 1586). managed to get the pension she had been promised by her late husband, who was also her brother (they had married with Papal dispensation), and had found a safe heaven at the residence of Cristóbal Maldonado. Beatriz later Martín García de Loyola, Caballero de Calatrava and mother of one daughter, Ana Maria. She lived (1558-1600)

1614 "The Legitimate Representative of the past Sovereign Incas of Peru" Doña Ana María de Loyola Cova y Coya-Inca in Peru, I Marquesa de Santiago de Oropesa and Adelantada del Valle de Yucay and Yupangui and Lady de Loyola.
She was given the title of "representante legítima de los antiguos soberanos incas del Perú" by King Felipe III of Spain. She married Don Juan Enríquez de Borja, who succeeded to the title of Maquess of Alcañices after the death of his mother Elvira Enríquez de Almansa, and was daughter of Don Martín García de Loyola, Señor de Oñaz, Capitán General of the Bodyguard of the Vicerey of Perú around 1569, governor of Potosí circa 1579 and Governor and Captain General of the Kingdom of Chile ardound 1591 and Doña Beatriz Clara Coya, Señora del Valle de Yucay, the only daughter and heiress of Inca Sayri-Tupac, sovereign of Tahuantinsuyu and his wife and sister Maria Mandrique Coya Cusi Huarcay, who died in 1600. (b. 1596-?)

1668 Governor  Ana de Borja y Doria of the Vice-Kingdom of Peru
Her Spainsh title was Virreina Gobernadora and she was appointed regent by her  husband, Pedro Fernandez De Castro Andrade y Portugal, Count of Lemos, Marquis of Sarria and Duke of Taurisano was Viceroy of Peru 1666-72, when he went on a military campaign. She was daughter of the Duke of Gandia

1675-1713 Doña Teresa Enríquez de Almansa y Velasco Borja Inca y Loyola,  III Marquesa de Santiago de Oropesa and IX Marquesa de Alcañices and
Her grandmother, Doña Ana María de Loyola Cova y Coya-Inca, was granddaughter and only heir of the last Inca of Peru and was named The Legitimate Representative of the past Sovereign Incas of Peru in 1615. Teresa was daughter of Juan Enríquez de Almansa and Juana de Velasco y Guzmán, Duquesa viuda de Sanlúcar, Administradora de la Encomienda de Alcañiz en la Orden de Calatrava) and married to Luis Enríquez de Cabrera, who was son of Juan Enríquez de Cabrera y Sandoval, 6 Duque de Medina de Ríoseco, and succeeded her father to the titles.

1736-41 Doña María de la Almudena Enríquez, V Marquesa de Santiago de Oropesa and XI Marquesa de Alcañices
The daughter of the 3rd Duchess, Teresa Enríquez de Almansa y Velasco Borja Inca y Loyola,, she succceded her brother,
Pascual Enríquez de Cabrera, as Marchioness and representative of the heirs of the Incas of Peru, but resided in Spain, where the family was among the highest nobility.

1829-33 Politically Influential Francisca Zubiaga y Bernales
Also known as `La Mariscala',
she was so influential during the tenure of her husband, Mariscal Agustín Gamarra, that she became known as La Presidenta. She was his primary advisor and coworker and intervined actively in situations of crisis. She lived (1802-35).

1995-96 4th Deputy Head of state, The President of Congreso Dra. Martha Chávez Cósso de Ocamso
Former Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Chairperson of the External Affairs Committee.

1998 4th Deputy Head of state, The Acting President of Congreso Mg. Edith Angeléca. Mella do Céspedes
As 1. Vice-President 1997-98, She was acting President most of the year because the President, Carols Torres y Torres-Lara, was treated abroad for an illness (he died in July 2000)

1999-2001 4th Deputy Head of state, The President of the Congreso Martha Hildebrandt Peréz Treviño

2006-11 Second Vice-President Lourdes Mendoza del Solar
Former Mayor, Zoila Lourdes Carmen Sandra Mendoza del Solar was the running-mate of Alan Garcia. (b. 1958-).

2006-07 4th Deputy Head of state, The President of the Congreso Mercedes Cabanillas Bustamente de Llanos De la Mata
Member of the Congress 1985-87, Minister of Education 1987-89 and 1989-90, Candidate for the Mayorship of Lima 1989, from 1992 Deputy Secretary and since 2000 Co-spokesperson in the Congreso of the Socialist Party. Senator 1990-92, Presidential Candidate 1995 (Came in third) and from 2000 member of the Congreso and Vice-President 2002-03. (b. 1947-)

2011-16 1. Vice-President Marisol Espinoza Cruz
Member of the Congress 2006-11 and and Spokesperson for the Partido Nacionalista Peruano in the Congress 2009-11. (b. 1967-)

2016- 2. Vice-President Mercedes Aráoz Fernández, Peru
Minister of External Trade and Tourism 2006-09, Minister of Production  2009 and Minister of Finance 2009-10. (b. 1961-)

2017 - Mercedes Rosalba Aráoz Fernández, Current Prime Minister

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