Panama Ministers Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
República de Panamá
(Female suffrage 1941) Independent 1903 from Colombia

See also Panama Parliament

1945-49 Vice-Minister of Labor, Social Security and Public Health Clara González de Berhinger
She was one of the founders of  
Partido Nacional Feminista in 1923 and founded the Unión Nacional de Mujeres in 1944. Candidate for the Post of Second Vice-President of the Republic in 1948 and President of the Children's Court 1951-1965. She lived (1900-1999).

1950-? Minister of Social Affairs and Health Maria Santa Domingo de Miranda

1956-62 Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Health Cecilia Pinet de Remión

1981-82? Minister of Health Dra. Edith J. de Bethancourth

1981-84 Minister of Education Dra. Susana Richa de Arosemena de Torrijos
She had been Vice-Minister of Education, Governor of the Province of Panamá 1994-98 and Vice-President of the Asamblea Nacional, 2001-02 and 2006-07.

1981-82? Vice-Minister of Government Affairs and Justice Jilma N. de Jurado

1981-82? Vice-Minister of the Presidency Azael Pablo Tsimogianis

1984-85 Minister of Housing Zia Elena See

1989-91 Minister of Education Ada de Gordon

1989-91 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Jane Matlay

1991-92 Vice-Minister of Finance and Taxes Delia Cárdenas-Christie
1992-94 Minister of Economy and Planning
Since circa 1998 Leader of Movimento Liberal Republicano Nacionalista, Around 2001 Superintendent of Banks and from 2009 Ambassador to the Vatican.

1993-94 Vice-Minister of the Presidency Lic. Ivonne Young Valdéz
1994 Minister of the Presidency (1. in the Cabinet)
1999-2003 Minister of the Presidency and Secretary General of the Council of the Cabinet (1. in the Cabinet)
1993-94 Vice-Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Lic. Nora Arosemena de Batinovich
1999-2000 Vice-Minister of Housing
2000-03 Vice-Minister of Education
She has also been Director-General for Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Labour. (b. 1958-)

1994 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Sheila Castillo de Arias

1994-99 Minister of Health Aída Libia. Moreno de Rivera

1994-96 Minister of Industry and Commerce Nitza de Vilarreal

Circa 1994-98 Vice-Minister of Finance and Economy Noberta Tejades
Appointed Secretary General of the Regional Government of Panama City in 1999.

Circa 1994-99 Vice-Minister of Commerce and Industry Laura Lena Flores Herrera

1998-99 Minister of Government and Justice Mariela Sagel
She was First in the Cabinet after the President and the two vice- Presidents.

1998-99 Minister of Women, Youth, Family and Childhood Leonor Calderon
2004-05 Minister for Social Development
2004-09 Minister of Women, Youth, Family and Childhood

1998-99 Administrator General of the National Authority of Environment Lic. Mirei Endam
(A newly established authority in the cabinet).

1999 Vice-Minister of Housing Gymara de Obaldía

1999-2004 Executive Presidenta and Chief of the Government Mireya Elisa Moscoso Rodrígues (1.9.99-)
Since 1991 President of the Arnolfist Party
(now Panameñista), 1994 Presidential Candidate. She was married to President Arnolfo Arias Madrid (1901-88) who was President of Panama 1940-41, 1949-51 and 1968. Married to Mr. Gruber 1991-97 and mother of an adopted a child. (b. 1946-)

1999-2004 Minister of Education Doris Rosas de Matmota
Former Ambassador to Spain. (b. 1936-)

1999-2003 Minister of Women, Youth, Family and Childhood Alba Esther Tejada De Rolla Pimentel

1999-2004 Vice-Minister of Public Works Grettel Villalaz de Allen
(b. 1961-)

1999-2003 Vice-Minister of Women, Youth, Family and Childhood Estelabel Piad Herburger
(b. 1957-)
2000-03 Acting Vice-Minister of External Relations Alejandra Eisenmann 

2003-04 Minister of the Presidency Mirna Esther Pitti De O'Donnell
Manager of a number of private companies. (b. 1951-).

2003-04 Minister of Agricultural Development Lynette M. Stanziola A.
Her full surname Stanziola Apolayo

2003-04 Minister of Women, Youth, Family and Childhood Rosabel Vergara B.
Former Vice-Minister of Housing

2003-04 Vice-Minister of External Relations Nivia Rossana Castrellón Echeverría
Former diplomat

2003-04 Vice-Minister of Labour Isaura Rosas Pérez
In 1992 she was  Mayor and 1993 Gobernaor of Colón

2003 Vice-Minister of Women, Youth, Family and Childhood Mercedes de Lourdes Villalaz García

003-04 Vice-Minister of Women, Youth, Family and Childhood Oris Salazar De Carrizo 

2004-08 Minister of Housing Balbina Herrera Araúz
President of the Legislative Assembly
1994-95 and
President of Partido Revolucionario Democrática, Deputy Party Leader 1999-2008 until she became Party President again and won the primaries to become candidate for the May 2009-elections, which she lost to a rightwing candidate. (b. 1955-).

Vice-Minister of Interior and Justice Olga Gólcher
2006-08 Minister of Interior and Justice
Deputy Mayor of the City of Panamá 1987-89 and later Vice-President and President of the Association of Lawyers.

2004-08 Vice-Minister of External Trade Carmen Gisela Vergara
2008-09 Minister of Commerce and Industry

2004-09 Vice-Minister of Health Dora Jara

2004-06 Vice-Minister of Youth, Women and Children Doris Zapata
2006-08 Vice-Minister of Housing

2005-09 Minister for Social Development María del Carmen Roquebert León

2005-08 Vice-Minister of Finance Orcila Vega de Constable

2005-08 Vice-Minister of Education Sonia Eneida Gallardo de Smith

2008-09 Minister of Health
Rosario Turner

2008-09 Vice-Minister of Economy Gisela Alvarez de Porras

2008-09 Vice-Minister of Finance Enelda Medrano de Gonzales

2008-09 Vice-Minister of Social Development Diana Molo

2008-14 Vice-Minister of Education Mirna Vallejo de Crespo

200914- Minister of Education Lucinda Molinar

2009-14 Minister of Labour and Employment Development Alma Lorena Cortés Aguilar

2009-14 Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Sized Entreprises Giselle de Calcagno

2009-14 Vice-Minister of the Presidency María Fábrega

2009-14 Vice-Minister of Social Development Susy González-Ruiz de Varela  

2010-12 Minister of Interior Roxana Mendéz
Vice-Mayor 2009-10 and Mayor of the District of Panama 2012-14 (b. 1958-).

2014- Vice-President and Foreign Minister Isabel Saint Malo de Alvarado
Former Assistant Ambassador to the UN and official in the foreign ministry until 1994, the worked for the United Nations Development Program until she moved to the private sector.

2014- Minister of Education Marcela Parades Stowhas de Vásques

2014- Minister of Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Entrprises Ada Romero Mónico

2014- Vice-Minister of Interior María Luisa Romero

2014- Vice-Minister of Finances Eyda Isabel Varela de Chinchilla

2014- Vice-Minister of Education María Castro Portillo de Tejeira

2014- Vice-Minister of Public Works Marietta Jaén

2014- Vice-Minister of Labour and Employment Development Zulphy Zaday Santamaría Guerrero

2014- Vice-Minister of Social Development Zulema del Carmen Sucre Menotti

2014- Vice-Minster of Indigenas Affairs Irene Gallego



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