Palestine Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Palestinian Autonomy Areas (Yerico and Gaza)
(Female suffrage 1945) Established 1994 with a degree of autonomy

1994-2000, 2000-03 and 2003-05 Minister of Social Affairs Intisar al-Wazir (Umm Jihad)
Widow after the second-in-command of PLO Abu Jihad, who was murdered 1988. Resigned from the cabinet in protest over cuts in her department’s budget
but was reappointed soon after in 2003, later  dogged by accusations of corruption. (b. 1941/42-)

1994-95 Undersecretary of Culture N.N.

1994-circa 98 Undersecretary of Education N.N.

1994-circa 98 Undersecretary of Youth N.N.

1996-98 Minister of Higher Education Prof. Dr. Hanan Mikail-Ashrawi
1998 Appointed Minister of Tourism and Archaeology
Hanan Ashrawi
was Spokesperson of the Palestinian Delegation during the Peace Negotiations 1991-93 and in 1993 Spokesperson for President Yassir Arafat, 1994-96 Commissioner for Human Rights, 1998 she resigned from the cabinet in protest of President Arafats lack of action against corruption. In 2000 she was spokesperson of the Palestinian delegation at the Camp David Peace Negotiations and in 2001 she became spokeswoman for the Arab League. She is an orthodox Christian, married to a Muslim and mother of two daughters. (b. 1946-)

2003-06 Minister of Women's Affairs Zahira Kamal
Women Leader through many years. (b. 1946-).

2005 Designate Minister of Social Affairs Dalal Salama
The Legislative Assembly rejected the proposed cabinet and she was one of the designated members not included in the final line-up. (b. 1970-).

2005-06 Minister of State without Portfolio for Jerusalem Hind Khuri
Representative to France 2006-10

2006-07 Minister of Women's Affairs Mariam Saleh
Member of the Hamas-government. She is a doctor and mother of a son.

2006- Undersecretary of Women's Affairs Salwah Hedeib Gannam
Former President of the board of directors of the Jerusalem Center for Women

2007 Minister of Tourism Khouloud Ihadeb Deibas
2007-09 Minister Women's Affairs in the West Bank
2009-09 Minister of of Tourism
Also known as  Khulud Duwabis, she is an independent and first member of the Fatha-Hamas unity g overnment and then appointed to Presdient Abas' emergency cabinet in the West Bank part of the Palestinian Territories.

2007-14 Minister of Women's Affairs Amal Siyam in Gaza
Member of Hamas, and continued de facto in office after President Abas was ousted from Gaza and the Hamas Prime Minister continued in office.

2007-09 and 2012-14 Minister of Education and Culture Lamis al-Alami in the West Bank
Former Director-General of the Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens' Rights.

2009-13 Minister of Culture Siham Al-Barghouthi in the West Bank

2009-13 Minister of Social Affairs Majida al-Masri in the West Bank

2009- Ministe
r of Women's Affairs Rabiha Diab in the West Bank
Also known as Rabiha Thiab

2012-14 Minister of Tourism Rola Ma’aiya in the West Bank
2014- Minister of Tourism in the unity government.
Also known as Rula Maaya

2012- Minister of Telecommunication
and IT Safa Nasser Eddin in the West Bank
Also known as Safaa Nasser Addin

2013-14 Government Spokesperson Isra Almodallal in Gaza
Spokesperson for the Hamas lead administration.

2014- Minister of Education and Higher Education Khawla al-Shakhsheer

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