Balau/Palau Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Republic of Balau/ Belu’u er’a Bealau Melikeok (Formerly known as Palau) (Universal Suffrage 1947) 1782-1940 British Colony, 1940-45 Japanese occupation, 1945- Part of the US Administered United Nations Pacific States as a part of the Federated States of Micronesia, became an independent state in free association with USA on 1.10.94 The Country is a federation af 14 states with own legislatures and traditional Chief's Councils.


Also see Palau Heads and Balau (Palau) External

1989-96 Minister of Administration and Budget Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi
05 Vice-President
2001     Minister for Administration
05 Minister of Health
2009-10 Minister of State
Vice-Presidential Candidate 1992, Senator and Floor Leader 1996-2001, she lost the bid for reelection as Vice-President in 2004 and Presidential Candidate in 2016. As Minister of State she was in charge of Foreign and Domestic Affairs, International Trade and the Office of the Public Defender

1990-93 Minister of Culture and Community Development Dilmei Louise Olkeriil

1990-92 and 2009- Attorney General Ernestine K. Rengiil

1998 Acting Attorney General Katheleen M. Salii
Appointed Judge in the Supreme Court as the first woman, Daughter of the
late President Lazarus E. Salii (1935-85-88) and Christina Salii.

2009-13 Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs Tina Rehuher-Marrug

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