Pakistan Ministers

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Islamic Republic of Pakistan/ Islami Jamhuriya-e-Pakistan (Limited female suffrage 1935, suffrage for literate women 1947, universal suffrage 1956) Part of British India till it became independent 1948 and a Republic 1956

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1952-56 Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of the United Kingdom and Her Other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth (06.03-23.03)
Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland since 1952 (b. 1926-)

1962-66 Minister of Education Begum Mahmooda Salim Khan
In 1962 she was Minister of Education in West Punjab.
Daughter of the late Punjab Premier, Nawab Sirdar Sir Sikander Hyat-Khan of Wah 1936-1942, the leader of the Unionist Party in pre-partition India. She married Khan Sahib Abdel Salim Khan Tarin of Dheri Talokar, and lived (1913-2007).

1975-76 Minister of State of Science and Technology
1976-79 Minister of State of Tourism Shahzada Saaedur Rashid Abbasi

1980-87 Government Advisor and Chairperson of Tourist Development Corporation Viqarun Nisa Noon

1980-87 Minister of Population Dr. Attiya Inayatullah
1999-2000 Member of the National Security Council (Supreme Civilian Governing Body)
2000-  Minister of Women Development, Social Welfare and Special Education
After a number of years as representative to UNESCO she was appointed as one of the 4 civilians to the Security Council which ruled the country together with the military after a military coup.

1981-82 Minister of State of Social Welfare Begum Afifa Mamdot

1988-90 Prime Minister (11.12-6.8) Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto     
1988-90 Minister of  Defence, Atomic-Energy, Finance, Economy, Information  and Establishment
1993-96 Prime Minister (19.10-5.11)
1993-96 Minister of Finance and Economy
Co-Chairperson 1984-94 and Leader of Pakistan People's Party 1994-2007, in house arrest 1977-84 and in exile 1984-86. She also held the Portfolios of Defence, Atomic Energy, Finance, Economy, Information and Establishment. Both in 1990 and 1996 she was removed from office by the President on charges of corruption and later convinced. Returned to Pakistan in 2007 after 10 years in exile in United Kingdom and Dubai to contest elections in January 2008, but was killed by a suicide bomb soon after. Her son and widower took over as party-leaders and in 2008 Asif Ali Zardari was elected presidentShe was daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the former President and Prime Minister, who was executed after the coup d’etat in 1979. Her three children were born in 1988, 1989 and 1993. She lived (1953-2007).

1989-90 Senior Minister without Portfolio Begum Nusrat Bhutto (Second in Cabinet)
Between 1979-94 Leader of PPP, 1989 She acted as Premier as her daughter, Benazir Bhutto gave birth to her second child. (Born 1929 in Afganistan)

1989-90 Deputy Minister of Education Senmaz [Shahnaz] Wazar Ali
1993-96 Minister of State, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for the Social Sector.

1989-90 Deputy Minister of Women's Affairs Kejana Serwar

1989-90 Deputy Minister of Education and Sports Mahmuda Shali

1989-90 Deputy Minister of Population and Welfare Begum Khatwani

1990 Minister of Information Seyda Abida Hussain
1991-92 Minister to the Prime Minister, Advisor on Population with Rank of Minister
1996-97 Minister of Education, Science and Technology (In transitional government)
1997-99 Minister of Population Welfare, Women’s Development, Social Welfare, Special Education, Environment and Minister of Local Government and Rural Development
Ambassador to USA 1992-93

1990 Minister for Health, Social Welfare and Women Noor Jehan Panezai
MP from 1985 and again in the 2000's, Senator 1988-94 and Deputy Chairperson of the Senate 1991-93. (b. 1949-).

1997-99 Minister of State for Women Development, Social Welfare and Special Education Senator Tehmina Daultana
2008 Minister of Culture
2008 Minister of Science and Technology
Vice-President of the Muslim Leauge, Senator and later MP for the party. The day after she was sworn in she swabbed portfolio with another Cabinet Member as part of the coalition agreement.

1999-2000 Minister of  Social Welfare and Women’s Affairs Zubeida Jalal Kahn
2000-02 Minister of Education, Science and Technology
04 Minister of Education
Minister for Social Welfare and Special Education
Also known as
Zobaida Jalal

2000-02 Minister of Law, Justice, Human Rights and Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Shahida Jamil

2004 Minister of Environment,
Local Government and Rural Development
2007-08 Minister for
Women Development, Social Welfare and Special Education
Prior her appointment to the federal government she was Minister of Law, Human Rights , Social Welfare, Women Development, Culture, Sports and Tourism in the Province of Sindh

2002-08 Advisor to the Prime Minister on Women Development, Social Welfare and Special Education with the status of Minister of State Nilofer Bakhtiar 
There was no minister in this portfolio, but since she was neither a MP nor a Senator, she could not be appointed a full minister.

2004-07 Minister of State of Economic Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar
2009-11 Minister of State of Finance and Economic Affairs
2011 Minister of State of Foreign Affairs in charge of the Ministry (Acting Minister)
2011-13  Minister of Foreign Affairs
PPP MP from 2002. Since no Minister was appointed on 11. February, she was in charge of the ministry until her appointment to the post on 19 July  (1977-).

2004-08 Minister of State of Tourism Sumaira Malik
Granddaughter of Nawab Amir Muhammad Khan and niece of former president Sardar Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari.

2004-07 Minister of State of Information and Broadcasting Anisa Zeb Tahirkheli
A senator

2004-07 Minister of State of Health Begum Shahnaz Shaikh

2004-07 Minister of State of Education Ghulam Bibi Bharwana

2005-07 Parliamentary Secretary of Cabinet Affairs Dr. Firdous Ashaq Awan

2004-07 Parliamentary Secretary of Statistics Rozina Tufail

2004-07 Parliamentary Secretary of Water and Power Shahzadi Umerzadi Tiwana

2004-07 Parliamentary Secretary Population Welfare Dr. Donya Aziz

2004-07 Parliamentary Secretary of Health Rahila Yahya...

2004-07 Parliamentary Secretary of Environment Bushra Anwar Supra

2004-07 Parliamentary Secretary of Information Technonlogy and Telecommunication Rifat Javed Kahlon

2004-07 Parliamentary Secretary of Social Welfare and Special Education Riffat Amjad

2004-07 Parliamentary Secretary of Parliamentary Affairs Begum Khurshid Afgan

2004-07 Parliamentary Secretary of Women's Development Onaza Ehsan

2008-09 Minister of Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman
Also known as Sherbano Rahman, MP 2002-07 and Spokesperson for Pakistani People's Party 2007-09. (b. 1960-).

2008-13 Parliamentary Secretary of Health Mahreen Razaque Bhutto
2013- Parliamenary Secretary of Production

2008-13 Parliamentary Secretary of Women's Development Dr. Zil-e-Huma

2009-11 Minister for Social Welfare and Special Education Samina Khalid Ghurki
2011-13 Minister of Environment

2009-13 Minister For Population Welfare Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan

2013 Interim Minister of Science and Technology, IT, Professional Training and Education Sania Nishter
The former ambassador to the United States and Britain, Dr Maleeha Lodhi, was offered the post of Foreign Minister, but declined to take the post.

2013 Parliamentary Secretary of Economic Affairs Division Dr. Zil-e-Huma

2013 Parliamentary Secretary of Foreign Affairs Palwasha Khan

2013 Parliamentary Secretary of Human Rights Rubina Saadat Qaim Khani

2013 Parliamentary Secretary of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Samina Mushtaq Pugganwala

2013 Parliamentary Secretary of National Harmony Reena Kumari

2013 Parliamentary Secretary of National Heritage and Integration Farhat Khan

2013 Parliamentary Secretary of Petroleum and Natural Resources Rukhsana Jamshed Buttar

2013- Minister of State of Information Technology and Communication Anusha Rahman Ahmad Khan

2013- Minister of State for National Health Service Regulation and Coordination Saira Afzal Tarar

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