Pacific Trust Territories

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US-Trust Territories of the Pacific Ocean 1947-91

USA administered the Pacific Island Territory for the United Nation. The trusteeship-period terminated 1986 but was prolonged until 1991. The Territory Included The Commonwealth of the Federated States of the Northern Mariana Islands, which remains an US External Territory.

1964-68 Director of the Office of Territorial Administration in the US Department of the Interior Ruth Gill Van Cleve
She was the senior US representative in the Pacific Islands.

1969-71 Director of the Office of the Territorial Administration Elizabeth P. Farrington

1984-86 High Commissioner Janet M. McCoy
Assistant Secretary in the Department of the Interior for Territories 1986-89 (She died 1995)

1989-93 Assistant Secretary of the Interior of Territories and Administration Stella Garcia Guerra
Assistant Secretary in the US Department of Interior

1999-2001 Deputy Director of Insular Affairs in the Department of the Interior Sandra Salevasaosamoa King
She has been advisor for a number of US Senators. Born in American Samoa.
In 2003 she was bestowed with the ceremonial maiden title, Tofoitaufa




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