The Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
The Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE

1991-94 Vice-President Ritt Bjerregaard (Denmark)
Former Minister, Parliamentary Leader of the Social Democrats and EU Commissoner.

1995-98 Vice-President Helle Degn (Denmark)
1998-2000 President
Former MP and ex-Minister of Development Aid and Commissioner of Democratic Development and Human Rights of the
of the Council of the Baltic Sea States 2000-03.

1997-2000 Vice-President Irena Lipowicz (Poland)
From 1998 Vice-Chairperson of the Parliamentary Caucus of the Union for Freedom

1998-2001 Vice-President Tanna de Zulueta (Italy)
Italian Senator from 1996

2000-04 Vice-President Rita Süssmuth (Germany)
Former Minister and President of the German Lower House

2000-01 and 2002-03 Vice-President Nino Burjanadze (Georgia)
Speaker of the Georgian Parliament from 2001 and Acting President 2003-04.

2002-? Vice-President Barbara Haering (Switzerland)
A member of Parliament since 1990, Barbara Haering serves on the Defence Committees and she has served as President of the Committee on Science, Education and Culture.

2003-? Vice-President Tone Tingsgård (Sweden)
She has been a Member of Parliament the Swedish Parliament since 1994 and is Deputy Chair of the Committee on Defence

2004-07 Vice-President Nebahat Albayarak (Netherlands)
Dutch MP from 1998 and
Chairperson of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence

2005-07 Vice-President Barbara Haering (Switzerland)
2005-? Vice-President Pia Christmas-Møller (Denmark)
Leader of the Conservative Party 1998-99 and 2001-07 Political Spokesperson.
2007-08 Vice-President Anne-Marie Lizin (Belgium)


2013-15 Vice-President Doris Barnett (Germany)
2015- Treasurer

2016- President of the Parliamentary Assembly of OSCE Christine Muttonen (Austria)
MP from 1999 and Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Faction of the Socialist SPÖ from 2005. (b. 1954-)

2016- Vice-presidents Isabel Santos (Portugal)

2016- Vice-President Vilija Aleknaite Abramikiene (Lithuania)

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