Nouvelle Caledonie Ministers

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Nouvelle Caledonie
(Female suffrage 1946) A French Overseas Territory with a degree of autonomy

Also see Nouvelle Caledonie Parliament

1982-84 Member of the Council of Government Yvonne Hnada
1998-99 Minister Françoise Mariotti-Horhant
2001-02 Minister of Employment, Professional Training and Civil Service
(b. 1965-).

1999-2001 Minister of Economic Affairs and Relations with the Economic and Social Council Annie Beustes
2007 Vice-President of the Government
2007 Member of the Executive
2007-08 Minister of Economy, Labour, Civil Service, External Commerce, Costums, Monetary Questions and Credit
She was Vice-President for 2 weeks until the elections in the Congress was repeated according to the rules. (b. 1945-).

1999-2007, 2007-14 and  2015- Minister of Culture Déwé Gorodey
1999-2004 Minister of Youth and Sports
2001-07 and 2007-09 Vice-President of the Government
2004-07, 2007-14 and 2015- Minister of Women's Affairs and Citizenship
2007 Designate Member of the Executive
2007-09 Minister of Taditional Affairs and the Relations with the Traditional Senate
2011-14 Minister of Coordination of the Government Politics towards the Provinces
2014-15 Member of the Executive
Active in the independence-movement from 1976 and a former member of the Northern Provincial Council. In August 2007 she resigned from the government shortly after being re-elected because of voting irregularities and 2009 she was Candidate for the Post of Vice-President again. She is a member of the Embouchure Tribe at Ponérihouen. (b. 1949-).

2002 Minister of Traditional Affairs Corinne Foluhea
2002-04 Minister of Vocational Training and Local Employment Promotion
(b. 1969-)

2004-07 Minister of Health and Handicapped Marianne Devaux
Resigned just after she was elected because of Marie-Noëlle Thémereau's election to the post of President of the Government, but was later elected againand remained in the government in spite of the fact that Thémereau was also elected a second time.

2004 Provisoric President of the Government Marie-Noëlle Thémereau (10.06-28.06)
2004-07 President of the Government and Minister of Social Affairs and Solidarity
Member of the Congrès of Nouvelle-Calédonie and to the Assembly of Province Sud 1989-2001 and again from 2004, 2. Vice-President of de la Province Sud 1990-99 and 1. Vice-President of the Congrès de 1999-2001. (b. 1950-).

2007 Member of the Executive Sylvie Robineau
2007-09 Minister of Health, Social Affairs, Solidarity and the Handicapped
2011 Designate Member of the Executive
2011-14 Minister of Health, Social Protection, Solidarity, the Handicapped and Vocational Training
Chief of the Assembly Group of Avenir Ensemble 2004-07. In 2011 the designated government collapsed after one day in office.

2007 Member of the Executive Isabelle Champmoreau
Member of the interim government for 2 weeks until a new election in the congress.

2009-11 Minister of Education Sonia Backès
2011-14 Minister of Budget, Finances, Taxes, Numeric Economy, Energy, Audiovisuel Communication, Higher Education and Resercarch and Government Spokesperson
2014-15 Member of the Executive
2015- Minister of Social Protection and Solidarity, the Handicapped, Agriculture, Cattle and Fish and Family Policy

2011-14 Minister of Establishment and Conversation of Natural Resources of the Exclusive Economic Zone, Meterology, Environment and Durable Development Hélène Iékawé
Became Vice-President of the Congress in 2014

2014-15 President of the Government Cynthia Ligeard
2015- Minister of Public Works and Road Saftey
Vice-President 2011-12 and President of the Province du Sud 2012-14.

2013-14 Minister of Conservation and National Resources, Environment and Durable Development and Public Primary and Private Education Hélène Iekawé Gestion

2014-15 Minister of Culture and Arts Valentine Eurisouké
2015- Minister of Heath, Youth and Sports
Secretary and Vice-President of the Congress 2005-14.


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